Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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As I remember, @RobertFPY is making a class card for female warrior with really big boobs. You can ask him if he finished it or not. But I can’t wait to see it :smiley: @Nathan


Using the FEGirls sprites was my first ideas but I thought that there is another one but it’s ok :grin:


I made a few class cards so I decided to share them here.
Mounted Brigand:
Paladin F:
Pegasus Knight M:


Great Jobs Man! :ok_hand:


Wow. Those are great. I added all of them to my WIP repo.

Cleric and Mounted Brigand, especially. Love 'em.


I made a really basic Swordmaster edit for my hack a while back, although I’m using it for the Dread Fighter. I included the original Male Swordmaster map sprite for comparison purposes. The edited versions are on the top.


Can anyone make a “female pirates” map sprites i’ll be grateful


But we don’t even have a female pirate yet :frowning:


mikey seregon has one in his crossover hack, you can ask him where he found it or if he made it


@Mikey_Seregon any comment?


on second thought maybe i shouldn’t have been digging lmao


To be honest I don’t remember if I made it or if I found it somewhere else, it was like 6 years ago.
I guess I can make it for public use now.


Hello i have one request someone can make one class card for the The Harbinger animation


I swear I have posted these somewhere before, but I checked through this thread and didn’t see them, so here you go.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Is the class card no the map sprite


Niiice, now the Harbinger has a proper map sprite.


I would like to contribute Greil Lord Map Sprite to our cause based on Ike’s ones because " Like father like son"

Credit: FlyingAce24 and Primefusion for the Ike Vanguard


Wow, very cool, man. I feel like his standing sprites are a little 'thin. Like his body should be widened by a pixel. He seems really skinny compared to, say, Hector.


Maybe that’s just me, though. The moving map sprites seem fine. He also stands out from all the other map sprites, and that’s all that really matters.

Edit: Oh. You just edited the Ike Vanguard map sprite. I missed that.

Edit 2: Have you tested it ingame? There might be palette issues.


All i do is just recolor some pixels of Ike sprites to make that and i must say : pixels art is not for me. So i welcome any modification to make it better. I just want to make a temporary sprites for Greil.
Edit : that’s my first time making sprites.