Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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I dunno who made the Baron, but it 100% wasn’t me. I think I found them somewhere. Or someone else posted them. Idk?


Oops, Now that I taken a second look, they are actually by trueblade1990.


Hey, I’m new to modding Fire Emblem and I was trying my hand at making some simple patches and maybe it’s just me but when I tried to download the sprites for the Halberdier the link gave me a 404 error, could anyone let me know where or how I could get the Halberdier sprites?


@Ghostperson you can get that sprite from The Ultimate Graphics Repository for FEBuilder, FEXP, and FEXNA


Awesome, thanks for letting me know


I had made a pegasus class card when I first started spriting :





I had also made a map sprite but the moving map sprite is not done, only the standing one is


Someone has to update the links, they are almost all broken.


To my knowledge, all class cards/map sprites in here except perhaps the most recently added are in The Ultimate Graphics Repo.


Hi, long time no see this site u.u (Lost my password and email Hahaha)
Any way, I made a class card for Armor Mercenary

Also, for Thief FE14 Style, I use it with hunter animation.

and some Map sprites for this FE14 Thief.


If anyone is interested I will be continuing this dragon class Card, just comment so I can know.
(I won’t suffer making it so nobody uses it, that’s why I want to know whether you’d like me to continue this.)


I need it for my class manakete, so will you make it?


there’s already a manakete class card.


No, the manakete of dragon like ninan, not fire dragon


fine… I will continue this in a week.


Tks, i am very grateful to you


Yo. Tight. Really love the class card, especially. Cool that it can now reasonably be used in a game. If you publish a patch or anything, let me know. Haven’t seen my hunter in anything since Sulior’s hack stopped progressing.


I’m glad you liked it, and yes i use your animation on my beta hack-rom in spanish.
But, i think is a good idea, make a patch in english.

  • I hope these screenshots show you a result.


Class card for Mage M (Hatless):