Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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Although they are included with the animation, it just occurred to me that I should probably post the non-generic soldier’s map sprites here too:

Bonus: the vanilla fighter and brigand resized from 16×32 to 16×16, for those of us who want to take precautions against vram overflow from having too many unique map sprites on-screen (normally, this would be solved just by designing the enemy ranks so they have a consistent makeup of classes, but if you’re using mount/dismount or have a lot of lord-type units who each need their own map sprite… well).

(I would upload these to Dropbox, but I don’t want to commit to my dropbox filling up with a gazillion map sprites. Please understand.)


Awesome, thanks!


Hi everybody :slight_smile:
Does anyone have the FE10 Fighter and Swordmaster map sprites? The Dropbox links are outdated.


Fighter Standing
Fighter Moving
Swordmaster Standing
Swordmaster Moving


It looks like it’s time to update the links.


Stupid Dropbox made all of my old links obsolete.


Does anyone have the Staff Falcoknight and Female Merc map sprites? Link is dead


Hey I was wondering someone coculd update the female merc map sprites link, it’s dead


Here’s a female Hector sprite for my upcoming project. Feel free to use, edit, etc.

Female Hector


virtually all the custom class cards except the fem mercenary are dead links, could you fix them?




I have a set available, but they are formatted to FEBuilder and not FEditor anymore. These should all work. This post is a guide moreso than anything else; the masterpost will be updated individually.

The masterpost has been updated. The new links should work.


Could someone reupload the Ranger, Nomad, and Nomad Trooper map sprites?


Thanks a lot.


Too bad that there are still many dead links.


Did anybody ever make a custom map sprite for the Hunter animations from the animation thread?


I spliced the Pupil’s head onto the mage, for use with Gabriel Knight’s hatless mage. Enjoy.


Made a slightly revamped fighter map sprite (+female version) out of that 16×16 fighter I made a while back. The vanilla fighter is so janky-looking when put under scrutiny that I suspect it was one of the first map sprites made for FE6.


here are some kool map sprites. Credit @L95

New idles for male mages based on the FE4 Fire/Thunder/Wind Mages.

Map sprites to go alongside the hoodless shaman animation.

[details=hoodless shaman]

[details=hoodless shaman w/ staff]


Don’t know why these are not here, but here is the link to the Baron class card and map sprite by Klokinator
They are on page 7