Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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Yeah. If I can find the moving sprites, I’ll get those too (eventually).


Ah, cool. I understand.


Ballistician map sprites:

M standing:
M moving:
F standing:
F moving:

M standing is basically the archer in Iron Ballista map sprite, except I slightly changed one thing that I also changed for the F standing map sprite. M moving has a couple of weird pixels fixed, and I changed one of the stationary frames to be a more conspicuous animation.

The F sprites are the M sprites with a ponytail. Ponytails are big, so the F standing map sprite has 32x32 frames. F is also riding a Killer Ballista because I thought why not have them be different colors.


Arch Mogall Map Sprites




All ripped from the Sacred Stones.


Made a shorthaired myrmidon version. For those who don’t like the vanilla one (like me).

Move | Stand
I’m not quite satisfied with the side moving, so if anyone wants to edit it, be my guest.

I’ve also made a sprite for the sword pegasus knight. It comes without a helmet, cause I needed it without one.

Sword Pegasus
Move | Stand


@Arch Please put in the new map sprites at the OP



It’s a wiki; you should be able to edit it yourself @Celerity910


Oh. Disregard this Arch I didn’t know because Serene’s and reddit taught me otherwise


Wasn’t there a female cavalier class card somewhere?


I figured I should post the ones I’ve already made here

Rebecca Ranger
Ephraim with swords


probably has been answered but is there anything out there regarding female brigands or berserkers?


thanks to @Dancer_A I now have the Female Brigand map sprites!
here they are.


I made map sprites for female monks

Female Monks


But Lucius already had map sprites.


The Monk Map sprite has short hair, as far as I recall.


I imagine it would look like…


Might I be able to request that the custom class map sprites be reuploaded? Specifically the sword cavs and the armors.


It only took 4 months but I reuploaded the sword cav and armour knight map sprites. Sorry it took so long. Sometimes life gets in the way -_-


Anyone have the Halberdier map sprites? Cause the links say they aren’t on Dropbox anymore.