Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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I guess I forgot to add these to the file I made for the Ghost animation. Shout out to whoever made the Summoner Card for adding a spooky ghost to it.

Also here’s a quick Nomad Trooper edit I’ve been using for Dark Knight until something better is made.


I’ve made some more class cards, as well as editing some map sprites.

Tellius Fighter

Fixed version of my female paladin (fixes the border)

Axe Dracoknight

Axe Dragon Lord

Third tier class cards:

Border template

Gold Knight/Grand Paladin

Female Marksman


I plan on doing more third tiers later on in the future, but for now, this is it.

Map sprites:
Formatted Female Pirate

Credit to Mikey Seregon for the sprite, I just put it into insertable format.

Fixed Female Cavalier (Sword/Lance/Axe)

I wanted a female cavalier that wasn’t just a male cavalier edit, so I edited this.

Fixed Female Paladin

Same as above, but with the Paladin.
Credit to Tordo45 for the original female Cavalier and Paladin that I edited off of.


I couldn’t find a Wyvern Knight sprite with axes, so I made one!


We had a Magic animation for Eirika for a while, here are some map sprites for that version:

On another note, I can’t find the Axe Wyvern Rider/Lord map sprites, if they are F2U, where can I find them?


The rider is F2U, idk if a Lord even exists. (if it does I want it though)
(not mine)


I never saw an Axe Paladin Class Card, so I made one:


If anyone is interested in making Map Sprites for Midnight Sun, please send me a PM! :slight_smile:


I thought Midnight Sun was cancelled…


I smell a revival coming along.


Oh yeah it’s super dead, but if anyone is into necrophilia… wink wink


Does someone have the Female Mercenary map sprites?
Most of the links in the OP are dead.


Not mine


Yes, officer. This post right here.


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Damn it, so it was you!
Took me a while to get out of prison.

I even tried Shiori’s tactics but it didn’t work out as expected…
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Higher in thread there are map sprites for Sword and Axe Paladin, but they don’t quite line up with vanilla. Here’s a Lance Paladin to complete the set.
lancepallystanding lancepallymoving


Hi FEU again, I have new sprites.
Do you remember the new animation for a generic necromancer? well it don’t have a map sprites, so i made it one.
Necromancer Mov
The female mercenary animation have a long hair, but in map sprite don’t see much, so I found a map sprite, but was in terrible condition, I tried to fix it.
Fema Mov

and finally, the new lance bandit called Deserter don’t have a class card, so I made one.


hey @Rasdel the generic necromancer is made for me once long time is create please don make is ok