Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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I don’t remember having seen a Map Sprite of generic Necromancer, that’s why I shared my map sprites version, even if you made another one of our versions they can be used by anyone :wink:


There actually is a generic necromancer already, but having two is great! No complaints from me.

Generic 1:

Generic 2 (yours):


That first one is actually a female summoner but i guess u could use it aa a necromancer


Whoops, you’re right. I am blind.


Sword villagers (just vanilla with swords added on top):

VillagerMStand VillagerFStand VillagerMMove VillagerFMove


hello i have one request someone can past me is class card repair in the time i use the feubuilder

Thauamturge%20Class%20Card%20X Thauamturge%20Class%20Card War%20Monk%20Class%20Card War%20Monk%20Class%20Cardx


This one is a bit more situational in use, but I’m working on sort of a meme hack, and it does have references to Mother 3, so I made a Porky Bot class card.
Credit to Flasuban for the border template and redblueyellow for ripping the Porky Bot sprite used in the card, although I did play around with the colors a bit to make sure it worked properly.
Here is a picture to prove it is working as it should.


A staff using Warpriest sprite!


And for moving:



Hello there!, I’ve complete some of my sprites, in this case I made a map sprite and a class card for this interesting class.


I don’t know what is the name of this clase, but I see it in the repository.

Also, I made a costum map sprite of the class thief, but unhooded.
Then, I made a costum map sprite of the SALVAGED TEAM Caliver, with the vanilla pony tail.
And finally a poor stuff haha, but maybe someone need it (or not).


I really like that sword bandit class card. Good work with the other map sprites. :ok_hand:


I’ve made some edits of sprites made by IS or free to use sprites by the community to fit my Shadow Dragon demake.
First, unpromoted Marth (Eliwood Lord edit):
%5BT1%5D%20Lord%20(M)%20(Marth)%20Sword%20Standing%20%7Bdominus_vobiscum%2C%20IS%7D %5BT1%5D%20Lord%20(M)%20(Marth)%20Sword%20Moving%20%7Bdominus_vobiscum%2C%20IS%7D
Second, my older promoted Marth (Roy Master Lord edit):

Third, my newer promoted Marth (Edit of Snewping’s promoted infantry Ephraim):
%5BT2%5D%20Great%20Lord%20(M)%20(Marth-Ephraim%20Ver)%20Sword%20Standing%20%7BSnewping%2C%20dominus_vobiscum%7D %5BT2%5D%20Great%20Lord%20(M)%20(Marth-Ephraim%20Ver)%20Sword%20Moving%20%7BSnewping%2C%20dominus_vobiscum%7D
Fourth, my unpromoted Wrys (IS edit):
%5BT1%5D%20Priest%20(Wrys)%20Staff%20Standing%20%7BIS%2C%20dominus_vobiscum%7D %5BT1%5D%20Priest%20(Wrys)%20Staff%20Moving%20%7BIS%7D
Fifth, a hatless wind mage (Ash3wl, L95 edit):
Finally, a female thunder mage edit (Ash3wl, L95 edit):


Here, have a noob’s attempt at a female summoner.
femalesummonerstanding newfemalesummoner