Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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Considering that its your first time making a custom map sprite, awesome job and thank you!

At least I can say finally someone made a map sprite for the guy, seeing that he only had a battle sprite but no map sprite to go with it.


uh… I’m pretty sure that orange is not within the standard map sprite palette though…


As i said, feel free to modify it whatever you want. I’m newbie at map sprite palette so i didn’t know that.


given that these are for use within hacks, it’s definitely relevant. you can’t use colours outside of the standard palette because all map sprites draw from the same palette in the game memory


Hello i have one request someone can edit the Hector great lord map sprite and change the axe for one sword


I need that to


I don’t wanna drown people in requests, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Female Hero class card.


I don’t know who made this unfortunately, i just take it from Klok’s graphics repository.




I did a thing.


Sorry, I’m a foreign player, I have some good animation material, I want to share them, how should I send pictures, someone would like to teach me? Or you need permission.


Hi, Beike. If you want to share animation material you have made, such as sprites, simply post the images in the Animation Repository topic, or the Animation Directory, and ask people to format them for you ingame. There are a lot of cool modders here who would be happy to edit your sprites to work ingame, especially if you’re making them publicly useable.

Of course, you can also learn how to format them yourself. I believe there is a tutorial somewhere. Maybe someone else knows where it is…?




I made a little Ephraim edit intended to go along with the unmounted Great Lord Ephraim from @Nuramon until a better one is released – it’s my first sprite so take it as you will, suggestions are welcome.

Great work with your Ephraim animation, Nura!


Does anyone have a Tent class card?


You can made one sword versión of is


In what time you go release the animation and the class card


Nice one! Pretty solid for the first sprite. :thumbsup:

Also thanks for the kind words.


There’s already a Standing Sprite for the Yggdra Ballistican in the Ultimate Graphics Repository, but no separate moving one. It isn’t much, but I made a basic moving sprite for the Yggdra Ballistician.