Make A Really Terrific Hack: MARTH

I have a question, is it against the rules to publicy release a different version that the one submitted to the judges?

The reason I’m asking is because I have kept working on my entry to make it better for the public release, and I want to know if I should hold that until the judging period is over, or is alright to release it to the public whenever I feel is ready?

Just to clarify the submitted version would also be made public, but it will have a disclaimer mentioning it is an version kept for historic porpouses.

Releasing an improved version is fine. You will still be judged based on your original submission.


It’s been a while, but I finally had time to put together a post for my MARTH entry. (I got it in on time, just not out to the public)

So here’s my entry, Tactics of Taming.


[COMPLETE][Lex Talionis] Tactics of Taming (MARTH Entry)


Any more updates on the judges’ progress? It’s been about a month since the last one.

Total progress is about two thirds done. One judge is done, I personally has a few entries left, the next is about halfway through, and the last is making progress.

I won’t speak for the other judges, but I personally hope to have completed my judging by the end of the month. Final results will be released when all entries are played by all judges - the target date for this is the end of June at the latest.

EDIT 29/05/23: I have completed judging.