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mm let me just soak up dat design, just mmmmmm! so well structured. also very androgynous.

where can I buy one

I honestly forgot about my avatar.

non teeny avatar version. (this one is a lil old tho)


always thought the shoulders look a little scrunched on this one.

Yeah, I agree with you there. Neck’s a little long too.

yeah, though I like the lushe locks of hair.

Do dracozombies brush their teeth


Both are cropped WIPs with terrible colors yes


idk if they didn’t it would make sense why their special weapons are “wretched air” and “decaying breath”
then again, do they even need to? they don’t eat anything

second one reminds me of a gorgon

I was going to mention it was a gorgon and thought I said so but I must’ve thought about it so hard I thought I already did it.

I should think less

draco zombies have bad dental care plans in general

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I know this is just a recolor, but making Eirikas hair more like her OA really does look better (imo) :B Maybe I just like green tho


Wow, I never knew her OA and sprite had different colored hair :open_mouth:

I’ve had a terrible Vanessa revamp buried in my computer for like, two years now, so I decided to finish it(mostly, her face is still kinda weird…) since I’m snowed in atm anyway.

I based this off of her official art and not her mug. (God, this made me realize how completely terrible her mug is)

If anyone actually wants this for something, you can use it.


Something about this is really reminiscent of the OA’s art style. Super nice~ I think the cheek might be a little funny or maybe something else but it looks really good! You’ve gotten so good :3~

I feel like the issue isn’t so much her face, it’s that her art style isn’t like, GBA FE. It’s something else. Personally a think a game using wholly that art style could be super cool, but if I had to quantify it, I’d say it reminds me of… tear ring saga??

a game using fe8 offical art style for all its in game graphics would be lovely.
the mug itself looks nice but im a bit iffy about the hair, it seems kinda messy in a strange way.


… Why couldn’t FE8 look this beautiful? Kudos.

Re:Eirika recolor, it seems like her armor suffers from the same problem that her hair did. In her art, it looks shiny and ivory-ish, but in the portrait it’s downright yellow. As for the hair… I think that IS just wanted a blue-haired protagonist.

The thing that might be off about Vanessa’s face is that the shading looks dramatic and has a lot of contrast, but that’s more or less the FE8 style. I’m a fan of your hair spriting.