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Per the “request” in FEier’s thread, here’s the FE11 Regalia sheet with a Shadows of Valentia-ized Mercurius design to it instead (I’d post just the icon by itself, but it was easier to edit the sheet and paste whole while on mobile, so):

(EDIT 10/4/19 - Accidentally broke the link, so here’s the combined version which has both Mercuriuses on it.)

(Normally, I only do the main (old) TCG design unless there’s something radically different with a later OA, but Mercurius’s SoV OA is kinda sexy, so I’m okay with making a variant of it that’s only slightly different in the hilt and lower part of the blade.)

Still gotta finish the shading on the tapestries for the statscreen, and have the final update to the Cipher Weapon Level Icons set in the wings, as well as a tileset edit that I’m (finally) nearing the end of cleaning up (I tend to take very long breaks it seems…) which should be posted “soon” (ish). (Depending on schedule and drive, may be a month or so to finalize.)


May I attempt to mess with your old castle-thingy stat screen, to try and make it insertable? I’m not an expert on how stuff like this works, but I feel like I could try and pull it together.

Inserting it so far made, uh, this happen, so I definitely need to fix it up.

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I mainly stick to the graphics side of things. I know the battle UI has a tile limit (and the tiles are 8x8, if I remember that much) and that Jubby was able to figure out years ago how to slightly expand the number that could be used, but beyond that, the actual insertion aspect is not something I’ve had direct experience with (which is why I posted it here for anyone to try and use).

Given that I cared more about the completed picture than factoring in the tiles, I’m 99% certain that it’ll need some kind of modification to remove some complexity to get it under the tile limit. If you can let me know just how much it’s over by, I can make adjustments to try and simplify it in a way that doesn’t make it look like trash due to lack of shading, etc.


Alright. So I tried inserting a palette-fixed version in through FEBuilder, and it’s improving.
Aside from some of the detail on the shield things, the name-header towers, and the banners below, it turned out pretty well overall! (I have no idea what’s changing the weapon name color. Aside from that.)

I’m not sure exactly how much detail you need to remove, but it shouldn’t be that much. Thanks for making this custom stat screen!

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In the palette, the first three colors are used for the text.


Alright. Fixed that, and it looks a bit better. Thanks for your help!


Hm, there’s still a lot that I wouldn’t be happy with when looking at how it is currently - the bottom of the castles are cropped off, the top of the flags have extra pieces that they shouldn’t have, the shields have lost basically everything, and the HP boxes look bad with the tiling that’s applied. I’ll see what I can cut out or simplify so that it at least looks a little more correct to the original.

I’m not sure what you’re meaning by “palette-fixed”, though, unless you’re simply meaning the order that they’re sequenced in in-game? (Which the palette at the top is not ordered in any particular way, with the exception of the faction colors on the left and the common colors on the right.)


Okay, as promised, new, potentially final update to the Cipher Weapon Level sheet:

Row 1: The FE10 Affinity icons are still the same after the edit from January.

Rows 2 and 3: Gone are the placeholder Horse, Pegasus, and Wyvern “Con/Aid” icons. There are now icon options (both in Cipher “monochrome” style or colorized, with the exception of Armored, since it can stay the same and be “white” for the colorized one) for: Laguz/Beast (recycling the Cipher “Fang” unit icon), Horse/Beast, Flying/Pegasus, Armored, Monster, Dragon/Wyvern/Manakete, Infantry (for things like the Swordslayer), and Mage.
> I don’t know if anyone has attempted or figured out creating new structs of these to expand them beyond what’s in the sprite sheet, but I figured it might incentivize it or be great if someone simply wanted options for now or the future. (Or if anyone has or will want to figure out how to have and display multiple, a la 3DS FE and forward (Horse + Flying for Pegasus, Dragon + Flying for Wyvern, etc.)…)

Row 4: Only thing new is Three Houses’ Brawling as an option for Strikes. (Thanks, Cipher, for including Raphael in the first set and giving him this.)

Row 5: New additions of Tome variants for Faith, Reason (Black Magic), Reason (Dark Magic), and Reason (Combined Black and Dark Magic).

Row 6: New additions of Authority (Flag) and Shields (a la Berwick Saga), along with copies of the Horse, Flying, Armor, and Dragon icons in the event anyone in the future wanted a way to somehow have levels for tracking proficiency on mount types and requiring certain levels for class promotion options, reclassing, or whatever.

If anyone can think of any possible weapon levels I might have missed or has good suggestions for other things to consider adding, I’m open to the idea of requests, though I cannot guarantee I’ll do them or when I might have them done if I think it’s a good idea that I do want to include.

EDIT @RandomWizard - Made some simplifications, don’t know if it will result in removing enough tiles. Next step would be changing the shading on the shields on my end, but wanted to see if this was enough first. I changed the flags and simplified the shading to some of the gold elements along with the big change to the HP bar area (which should save a bunch of tiles with things being able to be reused, I hope).


It’s getting closer, but still has issues with the same areas (shields, tower banners, HP-bar boxes). The shields in particular are completely broken. Simplifying the shields/towers would probably be the next big step towards fixing this. (Also, the little flower things near the middle disappeared, but that’s not that high of a priority.)

By “palette-fixed”, I mean the actual palette order of the image. I basically adjusted colors on the vanilla battle screen and copy-pasted yours on top of it, using Usenti to make sure the colors matched up. (It turns out I messed something up with the text colors, but that’s fixed now, as you can see in the screenshot.)


The issue with those areas is the fact that they all need to be the same tile. I doubt you’ll be able to make the shields at all.


I was able to change those areas in FEBuilder to use a different tile, though. So unless there’s something weird about the import process itself, it should work fine?


Is FE7 just better about what you can do with the TSA than FE8 in this instance? Or is FEBuilder’s implementation just not that good? Because back in like 2011, this was possible, so long as you stayed within the tile limit. (Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muhGTCkDBoA) Unfortunately, the tutorial for the old method on SF is full of broken links and images, so it’s effectively useless.

(I’m fully aware that the tile limit is one of the big problems at the moment, but this should still work since the old tech was able to do it.)

EDIT - I’m noticing that the font colors in that last screenshot are wrong and are using the lightest faction shade instead of white. Each faction gets 15 colors plus a background right? Are the 3 font colors included in that palette then, kicking me over by 1 color?

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I haven’t really worked with FE7 before. It might have some capabilities for TSA stuff that FE8 doesn’t, but I wouldn’t know. The Eternal Bond one does look slightly more condensed than yours, but I feel like something is definitely odd with this whole situation.

The lightest font color thing was completely intentional. I thought it would be a neat detail to make the text look a bit more interesting, but it can easily be changed back if it looks bad. There’s actually one extra color slot, that currently isn’t getting used for anything.


I suggest using white for the text color instead of the faction color so it’s more even across both sides and is easier to see.

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Alright. I’ll change it back. Thanks for the advice!


I mean, I did that template too; that’s how I knew its Hit/Dmg/Crt area wasn’t a single tile multiplied across. And, yeah, it is less complex, and I can try to address that later today somehow.

But, I’m seriously wondering if FEBuilder is simplifying/skipping some of what can be done on these for the ease of making it more tool-and-user-friendly in insertion. Maybe someone on the discord has the tutorials (https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/25045-inserting-custom-battle-frames/, https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/30002-battle-frames-part-2/) saved and can pass them along. (And maybe 7743 could incorporate them into FEBuilder to improve the tool if it works…) (Heck, an early “prototype” version of this template was one of the examples used in the first tutorial - it had problems with having too many tiles originally, but the second tutorial came a year later and opened up a ton more tiles, so…)


Alright, I think I almost understand some of the tutorial, but there’s some stuff that I absolutely can’t figure out with the GBAGE method. I really just have no idea what I’m doing.


@Dancer_A and I started this expansion of Sme’s Desert Tileset last year and I’ve finally hit the point that I’m burned out on it after lots of time on and off working on it (mostly off). Was going to do two palettes for a more arid, less saturated version and a more verdant, FE6-like oasis-y color scheme, but I don’t feel like changing all of the grass colors. Apologies on the cluttered nature, but had to shift and squeeze things to fit it all in. (Some tiles are not in the same place as Sme’s, so I you’ll probably have to redo maps if using this.)

As I mainly just do the graphics end of things (don’t even have Builder on my PC), this is just the image. Someone will need to do the object map stuff, etc. that’s needed to actually insert it, provided the object map is feasible with how little empty space there is on the full image). Has the same total color count as Sme’s does, but I don’t know if how the game uses the palette banks (Discord was saying each 8x8 quarter per tile uses 1 palette) is actually preserved.


This will be extremely useful not just to me but to many others, greatly appreciate this!


Was just wondering how I could make a desert chapter more spicy. This will do quite nicely.