LGBT+ Characters In Rom Hacks?

I totally felt the same way about the themes of SoV, like there was room for exploring that more and I am excited to try out your hack! It sounds super cool it’s been on my radar. It was one of the first hacks I saw when I was getting into rom hacks.


Update: I managed to forget the hack literally about a couple guys getting married (Vows of Fate).


Oh she’s trans? Giving her a Ladyblade was a power move


read her supports, all of them are epic.


There used to be a public demo for it until a few weeks ago, so I might as well recommend my own hack (currently titled Ash Blossom), which features two trans women as the lords.


AHHH I can’t believe I missed it T_T I really want to play. I meant to download it when I saw the FEE3 vid.


Adding even more onto this;
IIRC Moris said that in his hack DOOT the chapter 1 armor knight was a Lesbian in conversation once.

Even further TMGC by Retina also has a lot of representation, such as a Lesbian Lord, a Non-Binary sniper, a FtM Monk, a bisexual war criminal; Basically the whole works.(Totally not taking this as an excuse to shill my friends’ hacks)


OMG that’s so cool, I just downloaded TMGC today cuz the FEE3 Video just looked really good and I loved Blair’s design. Now I have no regrets, excited to try it out!

hey this hack is technically a remake of the first hack with a gay protagonist

maybe it could interest you, maybe it has more lgbt rep than before

who knows

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The only hack I remember with that is Souls of the forest (Love that game)
But thanks to the comments I know which hacks to check next :+1:

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I clearly need to play more of Souls OF The Forest, it sounds great.

Probably not worth the post, but in my hack (the last royal) there’s two gay men, although it’s not really expanded upon and I’m pretty sure it’s only one line mentioning it for both of them seperately. (Cross and Wahnrin for those wondering).

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Yes one of favorite supports in FE history its soooo developed but Diety also has other LGBTQ rep, highly recommended

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ohhhh i’ll be on the lookout for it! I love FE that focus on supports and all the romance! I’m not even a modern fan I been in this since sacred stones but supports ae like my main appeal to the series.

excuse me?!?! A vision quest sequel?

@serif what are your hacks? Idk if I know them but I’m for sure down for explicit gay characters

Ya same here, I’ve been a fan since Blazing Blade but supports and dynamics have always been a big favorite of mine since I really started to read the games I played.

I am hoping when I finish my major paid for project it’ll afford me the time to just work on my weird little fan hack.

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I’m not sure it’s worth mentioning, but my game, Mark of the Dragon, currently has 3 characters who are officially not straight, but as very few supports are written currently, it isn’t really mentioned yet. I keep it in mind when writing the characters in question, but you can’t really tell yet. It will be more noticeable once extra scenes and supports are there to flesh them out!

Ohh that is really exciting to hear! It was actually pretty high up on my to play list, having a Chieftess as the main character was really exciting to me and anything made in Lex Talionis has my eye cuz that’s what I want to build my game in.

I’d love to know what characters out of curiosity before I hop in but either way extra excited to play it when I get time.

Wow I’m really happy to hear you were looking at it!

The characters in question so far are Rose (Bi), Ivy (Also Bi) and Wyn (Gay). :slight_smile:

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Ya, I am really excited to play it when I get time.

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