Vyland Saga [10/25 Chapters done]

Have you ever wondered, What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose in the vast universe? Is this a hack about Vinland Saga?


Vyland Saga is a Remake/Retelling of Infamous FE3 RomHack Biraku Emblem, Designed to tell the story in a brand-new way while still keeping the spirit of the original

“Team Wolfguard” decided to make a remake of this game because we were really bored this one time, and now we have to deal with the consequences

More than a remake, We’ve also added various new features, such as Unique Character Animations, in order to bring each character a Unique touch, Gaiden chapters, For more jokes and pain, New recruitable characters in order to expand the game’s roster, making it more fun to ironman.

You can expect various thrilling moments in the story, such as

Lore Dumps

Player Avatar (not actually playable)

Exciting Animations

Fearful Villains

Interesting Interactions

Geez! You may be wondering, “When can we play this?”
Tomorrow!.. Maybe! It’s sure to come out the same day of the FEE3 Showcase with 10 chapters and 1 gaiden chapter to play! (the complete game will have 25 chapters and 5 gaidens)

Check out the FEE3 showcase!


We would like to of course credit those who made previous portraits for GFE1R, We wouldn’t be here without them
Assets also belong to…(complete this later)


If you’d like to stay tuned on any Vyland Saga news, make sure to join our server!
Vyland Saga Discord

The Team

Masko Lino
Victoria- Empress of Darkness
Crazzy Wolf Jack
Hyo (but he left so uhhhh)


this seems epic

The best SRPG since Debiru Sabaiba

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Omg its me Riddeldev

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quite gamer, if i do say so myself

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Will Bord (サジ) play an active role?
I hope he will play an active role because I like that crazy person who can’t control his urge to lick that little girl’s eyeball.
I also like Wolf senpai who has stopped being human and I want him to be active.
I am hoping that a Portrait of Jagan Mars is already in the works.

The original SNES work was developed first from Part2 and then Part1 was made.
I thought perhaps you were doing the opposite, making Part 1 and then Part 2.
I am looking forward to seeing how the work will turn out.

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Indeed, Many characters from the original work will get more screentime, relevance and supports in this updated edition, I hope you look foward to Bord and many others like Rich Merchant Castor being more prominent in this new edition

Since more chapters and Gaidens were added, Wolf Senpai will be able to reclass into more fun classes and have dialogue referencing his loss of humanity like Centaur Zagarro

Indeed, This will make it so that Part 2 is more consistent with events and Characters of Part 1


spoted a frame error and here is a motified mug
also f2e

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