[FE8] Fire Emblem: Dreaming of Other Twilights - Demo Out Now!

From the man who brought you that one Souls of the Forest-inspired hack, the worst unit in Call of the Armor, and maybe at least a single funny joke in FEUcord, Knight_Moris proudly presents with his 100th post:

Fire Emblem: Dreaming of Other Twilights (DOOT, for short :melting_face:) is a hackrom of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

What the heck is a DOOT?

Some of you may be familiar with that name from my previous - now cancelled - project, Dreams of Twilight. For this project, I decided to take the world and characters of DoT and rework and expand on them, while completely changing the gameplay, taking a more Thracia-inspired free-form approach as opposed to the rigid FE12-like challenge of the original.

Important gameplay changes you should probably know about that are also available to read in the in-game guide
  • There is no weapon triangle, go home.
  • Leadership Stars only give +5% hit (this isn’t actually important but it’s a change I made and people don’t check the guide so).
  • The doubling threshold is now 5 AS.
  • Avoid threshold is now Luck + Speed. Dodgetanking is not a reliable strategy.
List of cool features that will probably be the second thing you click on
  • A planned 33 chapter long campaign, split across four parts and shared between two protagonists, with chapters that try to avoid repetition and offer something memorable and unique about each and every one of them, including extra interludes where you can walk around and interact with your army!
  • A character driven story with heavy usage of themes. A lot of time will be spent giving characters time to breathe, bantering between and learning more about each other to flesh them out.
  • Skills! Most units will have two skills each, inspired by how Berwick gives its units interesting toolkits to make them stand out from one another.
  • A big focus on movement. Every mount has Canto+, every infantry has Shove, and you are encouraged to use tools such as movement skills and Warp/Rescue to cleverly and rewardingly maneuver across the challenges you are presented with.
  • EX Classes (better name pending), using rare Second Seals, you can promote your units to special classes, such as Dread Fighters or Masters of Arms. While not always strictly better than standard promotions, they open up more possibilities for playstyles and enable more interesting strategies and units.
Screenshots, the first thing you'll click on



Current Version: 0.3 (4 chapters, still needs polish and eventing)
Dropbox - DOOT version 0.3.ups - Simplify your life

My odd list of inspirations for this project
  • Yakuza 5 was the big one, the way Yakuza 5 handles the theme of dreams really inspired me, making me want to tell my own story with my own spin on it.
  • Trails was another huge one, influencing how I approach worldbuilding and character writing.
  • Tales, specifically Tales of Berseria, was another big influence on how to write character banter (We stan Magilou).
  • Lightning round of games that are very much not strategy RPGs that nonetheless gave me chapter ideas: Halo, Team Fortress 2, Dark Souls, Sonic Adventure 2, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.
  • FE5, FE12, and the Kaga Saga games are pretty obvious inspirations. Don’t think I need to go into any more detail.
  • Vision Quest for being epic :sunglasses:

Anyways, that’s all from me. Peace :v:

(Also play Yakuza 0)


I see tank man. I’m in

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There is a dude named Blorf?

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Advanced Wars units :ok_hand:t2:

I wonder who made the portraits for those Hank and Melchior dudes.
Whoever they are they must be a really cool person.

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Yes, kid named Blorf


Can’t wait to see more of your new project ! Can’t wait to see more about this “artilleryman” class :laughing:

Hey gamers, Knight Underscore Moris here. Remember that time I said this?

Yeah, unfortunately this didn’t really pan out. I got hit with a deadly illness known as Team Fortress 2 and also Xenoblade 2 so I haven’t gotten to work on the interlude yet, but I’d feel like poopoo if I went nearly a month with no public release so I’ve updated the thread to include a link to what I have done, which is 1-1 to 1-4, everything I promised minus the interlude, but there’s still some polish missing. Not everyone has a portrait, some dialogue is still WIP and 1-3 is barely evented, but everything gameplay wise is playable and I welcome any feedback on it. Also I’m making the Discord public, so stop by and harass me into working on the hack.

Knight Underscore Moris signing off, stay safe out there gamers.


Marius stop playing team fortress 2 and help your kingdom out, i don’t care if you’re topscoring and almost have the payload to the last point.


Hey gamers, Knight Underscore Moris here with an epic hotfix because hacking is hard:
Bugfixes include:

  • The Levin Sword works now
  • Fixed some typos and formatting issues
  • 1-3 is actually functional now! (No idea how this one slipped through testing)
  • The Faeblade has a spell animation now
  • Fixed an eventing issue in 1-2

Going to try this out! And can you please update the discord link? Thanks!

The server link is literally in the OP though

Hey gamers, Knight Underscore Moris here again with a small update to DOOT, adding some functional talk convos to 1-3 and 1-4, some bugfixes, and graphical polish. FEE3 is coming up soon, and when DOOT’s presentation drops, so too will an update with further polish and that interlude I’ve promised.