Let's Play: The Road to Ruin

Eh why not post it here too

I’m currently doing a (basically) blind LP of @Primefusion’s TRTR, probably uploading once a week.

that’s all bye

oh and suggestions on improvements are welcome as I do not know what I’m doing


Cursor in the video is my favorite part!

Looking forward to watching.

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Your voice makes me confused and excited at the same time.

This hack is fun until the generics.


that seems right

yeah someone mentioned that… D:

Don’t sweat it, the cursor is practically my co-host when I record.


Part 4 is up! Seems I’m probably going to upload 3 times a week (Tue/Thurs/Sat), so stay tuned for that.

It’s good to see someone else prospective on this game. I enjoyed it when I played and you seem to be doing good so keep it up.

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Part 5 is now up

here’s part 6!
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And this is where I dropped RtR :grimacing::gun:

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Not a fan of the generics chapters lol
If that wasn’t obvious in the video

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Part 7

Keep it rolling I’m looking forward to the journey.

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Would recommend mixing your voice up and the game volume down just a bit so it’s easier to hear you - it’s an issue I struggle with too.

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Le part 8

!Part 9!
audio is lightly worse because I recorded with the wrong mic lmao

Something that annoys me about the story of TRTR is the weird morality setup it has. At least so far, it can’t decide whether the conflict between Aksum and Sybaris is meant to be morally gray, or whether Aksum is just a generic Fire Emblem evil empire. As it is, it keeps waffling between the two, especially whenever Aaron is involved.

Also, working with those generic units seems awful. My condolences.

My guess is the reasoning for that is to show that neither side is 100% going to be in the right when in the other’s perspective. However, when it comes to individual soldiers being portrayed as “evil” or “good”, not every soldier who fights is an honorable fighter or a degenerate. Both sides of this coin exist in every faction.

But yeah generics make me want to pull my hair out


Not to mention not gaining exp for your actual units…

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