Let's Play Fire Emblem: Super Thracia 776 (Kaizo FE Hack!)


(This LP was already in progress when it dawned on me I could post it here too and get more traction. Hope that’s not breaking a rule or something XD)


This is Super Thracia. It’s a difficulty/crossover/kaizo hack of FE5.


That’s right. Someone took the hardest, most agonizing, designed-by-crazy-people Fire Emblem game there is, and made it even harder. New maps, characters, weapons, and fun little surprises await you.

If you are not familiar with Thracia 776 and its unique mechanics, this LP by Cake Attack is a recommended starting point. Thracia has a lot of mechanics unique to it already. Besides even more sadistic level design, a few core mechanics were altered:

  • The level cap is now 40, but you don’t reset your level when you promote, so it’s like FE4.
  • Most units promote at level 20 with a Knight Crest. You can also find Master Seals, which promote certain units to a third tier class at level 30.
  • All stats cap at 40, except for HP which still caps at 80, and Build which caps at 25.
  • The weapon triangle gives you 30 accuracy and evasion now instead of 5, which means weapon matchups are far more significant.
  • Because of this, many classes that lose access to their primary weapon type when they dismount no longer do.
  • Speaking of which, promoted mounted units can move indoors on their mounts just fine, but they lose 2 Movement indoors.
  • You always do a minimum of 1 damage, like in FE4.
  • Some skills have been altered.

Now you’ll have to bear with me on one issue: I have never beaten this. My reason for LPing it is that I have never seen a western player beat this. (Some have, I’m sure) I am pretty much following along with a Japanese walkthrough, but if the game proves to be too much, I’ll go as far as I can, but I can’t promise a completed run. Thank you for your understanding.

Now since this is a Japanese hack it’s impossible for me to read or transcribe any dialogue, so I am left with no choice but to write my own. Let’s begin.

Chapter 1: Revenge of the Armor
Chapter 2 and 2x: They Do What They Want 'Cause a Pirate Is Free
Chapter 3: Dagda Smash!
Chapter 4, 4x, 5: Beauty Is A Mad Mistress


Chapter 6: We Are Legion!

There’s also a video of a more optimal strategy for this on Youtube if you’d like to see it unravel.


Oh Naga, those berserkers… And they teleport Leif right in front of them, too?!

Damn, I know japanese hacks are masochistic, but this is just something else…

On a side note: Go Asvel!

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Could you apply the completed translation patch to this to add the story to it?


When SUPER Thracia gets a translation, I would be more than happy to do just that.


Is there any difference story wise from Thracia and Super Thracia? Thracia got a complete translation patch released recently so i figured it would work here


Generally, applying translation patches to Japanese romhacks tends to end poorly. Things are often unexpectedly shuffled around in either the hack or the translation, breaking compatibility. More thorough reworks of the code, like those found in FE4’s Project Naga or FE5’s Project Exile, are almost guaranteed to break the hack.


just so you know, this is a “cheat or lose” hack. the farthest ive seen someone go is ch20.

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I got to C14, but there’s a video series on Youtube by a Japanese player that beats the whole thing savestateless, so.



Like you know what difficulty is


thats the japanese for you, the only ones who can beat their garbage is them. lemme clarify the guy who got to ch20 is swedish lol

only heal staves miss, the good staves like status and warp dont miss. and a fuckload of enemies have vulneraries that can be captured or stolen off them, and vulns are full heals, the heal staves missing isnt that big a deal


please explain what you mean by that, i dont think ive ever seen you before lol



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ohh yeah, apologies i was tired and needed to defend thracia. missing warp is pretty stupid especially since the game is designed around staves yeah. the game itself isnt too hard though, just cryptic mostly. im tired again so sorry if this sounds stupid too lol


Chapter 7: Double Trouble

The true horrors begin in the next chapter…

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Chapter 8: She Blinded Me With Bullshit

I think I went a little overboard writing this. Ahahaha.

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I appreciate you bringing back the clinically insane characterization of Caeda from that one FE1 LP


This whole writing style feels like an homage to that lp.


Right on the money. That LP really needed to continue and make more memes haha


Brace yourselves, it’s the BIG ONE

Chapter 8x and 9: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

And if you’re wondering who that Wyvern boss was, it’s This guy.