Is it possible to skip chapter 8x and still recruit Dagdar and Tanya?

So, on Ephraim225’s Super Thracia 776 let’s play they mention in this screenshot, that it’s possible to skip chapter 8x in Thracia 776 and still recruit Dagdar and Tanya, is it true?

Link to the let’s play, the screenshot is on the link where Ephraim225 plays through chapter 19 to 21x: Let's Play Fire Emblem: Super Thracia 776 (Kaizo FE Hack!)

Sorry, if I’m not supposed to make this type of post here, but I never saw this information anywhere else. If I have to change anything or delete the post, please tell me.

Update: It worked just fine, thanks for the help guys!

Sounds possible. Anyone who gets captured can be rescued on Chapter 21x so I don’t see a reason why it would be different for Dagdar and/or Tanya.

I see, it’s just that outside from this let’s play, I never heard about this. So that’s why I thought to ask here to see if someone more experienced with Thracia than me could share their thoughts on it, thank you very much for your answer.

To be clear, I’m talking about vanilla Thracia. I’ve never played Super Thracia.

I know. My question was also about the vanilla version. I’m playing it currently, so I will share if this works for me.

It is possible (in vanilla). The event definition in that chapter handles as following:

  • If one is dead, the other will return.
  • If captured, they are treated as dead within that event.

This fact is well known in speedrun circles and has been published videos.

Both have Tanya being shipped in chapter 3 and picked up in chapter 21x.

In Super Thracia, it may have been possible in the version of the time. It seems that most of the gaiden chapters have been changed to regular chapters in the current version and must be passed through.


Thank you so much for the help!

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