Let's Play Fire Emblem: Super Thracia 776 (Kaizo FE Hack!)


Chapter 10: A Kingdom of Isolation

Been a little while since I did one of these. I know people must be itching to see the rest of it, and Chapters 11 and 11x are particularly fun so it should be a real treat.

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Chapter 11: Mein Kempf

Up next: A dungeon full of child murderers. (You can interpret this statement in many ways and still be correct come to think of it)


Chapter 11x: Don’t Play This Sidequest


If one ever thought 11x was just cruel and annoying. . .

14x just could just might make you rage quit.

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14x wouldn’t do THAT.

It’ll just waste several hours of your time, that’s all.


THAT, that it would.

Yet. . . It was like being in the arena but without getting paid for winning. Better have good speed units for this one.


This series is so good, super thracia is the best-worst thing ever


I haven’t even played the original, should I skip it and just jump into this one?


no, Super Thracia is significantly more difficult and bullshit. you’re gonna want to know the original pretty well before you even dream of touching Super

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You do not wanna skip the original, the original is definitely worth your time to play compare to this.

Also in case you didn’t know, you can play the original in its complete English translation by the Project Exile team. But if you truly wanna give Super Thracia a shot still, prepare to see the crazy stats, ridiculous weapons and restarting.

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No. Don’t play Super. Didn’t you see 8x and 11x? At least the original is able to be completed. Even if it’s made for warp-skippers.

Chapter 12: Ibicella Lutea

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Really enjoying the LP! Godspeed, brave soldier.


Man this is one hell of a hack, good luck with next chapters! Thoroughly enjoying this!


Thank you for the kind comments. Let’s continue <3

Chapter 12x: Yoink.

Couple of okay-ish chapters coming up next…then…the route split. Ohoho.


Chapters 13 and 14: Dain’s Legacy

Good to be producing these at a more regular rate now. Next up: more child murder!


Chapters 14x and 15: The Route Split

Naturally I’m going to show both routes, starting with the forest route. The run where we play the Norden Line route will be the “canon” run. I’ve actually already done the screenshots for it, but I’ll be sure to note when picking the other route would have mattered.


Your patience for 14x to show how many turns it literally takes for them to all stop respawning… :clap::clap:


This hack’s obsession with forcing you to mercilessly cut through waves and waves of children is disturbing, to say the least.

Although, to be frank, it seems to me that it’s creator didn’t really have an idea about what to do with 14x, so he just spammed you with a sea of enemies… And made them all kids with magic powers for the hell of it.

I have to say that I feel sorry for the troll with that Life Orb (Although you called it Fire Stone in 8x ??)

Oh, and the thief staff to get the unlock staff gimmick is just something japanese(-esque) games like to pull in order to promote replayability, but God knows who’d want to replay THIS particular game.

As for chapter 15, there’s not much to say. Lots of axe enemies, but they’re all rendered useless if you have triangle advantage… or they would be without those 10 leadership stars, anyway. The Arden house was funny, I wish we knew what he said when you visited him.


I thought it was a “Fire Stone” because the Serenes wiki says so but some sources call it a “Life Orb” which makes more sense considering it’s an infinite use vulnerary and turns into a Life Ring if stolen. Naturally if I could read the item name that would solve it. In fact let me do a quick search.

Yeah it’s definitely a Fire Stone. Or more literally a “Precious Gem of Blazing Flames”. You’d think Manaketes were in this game but they aren’t.


Chapter 16B: The Whack Knight

Odd to be doing the B route first, but I decided on playing the A route through as far as I could. Wonder if that will come back to haunt me.

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