Leo's Sprites and animations

Firstly ; Hello I’m Leo_Link, I especially like to make sprites and animations. So I’ll dump some of my animations and tests here.
Secondly ; I’m not really good at making animations but I’m improving bit by bit. If you want me to animate your sprites (You will obsiously be credited) you can ask. I may be somehow slow at making them.

SO I’ll do like Der, and Pikmin and UPDATE this thread, because it died, seems I like I haven’t feed it very well.

Let’s begin with the finished ones :


crédit to :

  • Nuramon
  • Iscaneus
Fe13 Barbarians M (finished ) and F (on stand by)

crédit to : - Iscaneus

Fe13 myrmidon M and F

crédit : - Iscaneus

War cleric

The War cleric to match Pikmin’s and Der’s War monk
crédits to them

Free-knight (not scripted yet"

This guys from Fe4 changes a lot but this is their final design, can use axes and swords
crédit : probably Team SALVAGED 'cause I took their cavalier as a base, (the motion is different tho)


Repalette of SALVAGED paladins to give them a head without helmet
crédits : - team SALVADGED

Okay now I can put the Unfinished ones :

Actualised Fe4 Baron

Somehow I like armored units, and Fe4 units so I made a better stills (or so I hope), more gba-like to the fe4 Baron :
I basically add details, and a cape on the front.

Fe13 Berserker

To match the barbarian

Fe13 swordmaster M and F

To match the myrmidons
crédits : Iscaneus

Male fencer

to match the female one (that I haven’t made)

Fe13 Great knight

crédits : Iscaneus

Dark Paladin M and F

crédit :

  • Pikmin
  • Iscaneus
Fe3Houses Warrior


Actually I’ve got more of them but I want to keep a bit of surprise, so that will be all, for now on, I made this update to be more organised and fast to do those anims.

They are all free-to-use (with credits please).
Also a big thanks for all the feedbacks you guys always give me, I really enjoy being a part of this awesome community.

I’ll try to keep updating this topic.


Here comes the test for a Fe 13 War cleric :
Original sprite by Iscaneus (again but I want to animate all of his work :wink: ) with many thanks to him for his permission.

Feedbacks and advices would be really appreciate.



That animation is pretty good! I think there are a few frames you could add to make it smoother overall, specifically the walk back and when he rests the axe back on his shoulder.

Yes I thought so, I’ll try it. Thanks for the feedback.

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Anytime - also suggest you check out this thread, there’s a lot of community-created custom animations, so may be a good place to get feedback and see others’ work: The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA

I’ve tried to improve it.
How does it looks ?
(I’m not sure if it’s better, I’ll probably improve it again later)
(Fixed the screen weird bug)

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It looks like the frame size changes partway through?


Yes your right I fixed it, thanks.

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I think you’ve seen it but her skirt(?) Shifts pixels uunnaturally when she lifts up the axe. It also happens when she pull the axe back after the attack. Also very good job on the animation.:ok_hand:

Yeah I’ll probably lift or change that to.
PS: you’ve got sharp eyes :slight_smile:

The More u look at and work with sprites the better u become at pointing out mistakes.

Here comes 2 new versions :
War%20cleric%204%20without%20blur Or War%20cleric%2004%20blur
There is one with a blur for the come back and one without.
Which one is better ?

And I’ve also made a staff one :
How does it looks ?


The retreat without the blur looks better to me, at least at the speed of the GIF. (You really only need blurs for large and/or fast changes in position.)

Honestly, the speed and timing of the animation does make it tough to actually judge that, though. It would be much better if animation had the speed and smoothness to it that it would have if you were watching it play in battle in the actual game. (Unless this is that speed, in which case, I humbly suggest looking at the GIF rips of all of the animations over here and using them as a reference when doing the timing…)

I imagine these are all set to the same frame timing

It’s suppose to be the real timing. I tried to made it this way.

Yes you’re right (it was simplier this way)

It’s fine for making the frames but it’s best to see the animation with real frame timings when you’re making adjustments

I’ve also got this guy :
(This time the gifs are exported from FeGBABuilder)
It’s a Fe 13 Brigand, original sprite by Iscaneus.
I’ll send him to the repository later.

I’ve also got this :
Brigand%20%20fe13%20portrait%202 Brigand%20%20fe13%20portrait
(I’m quite proud of those)


The first is best, yet something is strange at my eyes. After the attack, the axe is just standing there ; and I think it would be better if the character was already putting his axe back on his shoulders in the same time he is retreating to his inital position. Because the way it looks now, he seems robotic, by robotic I mean first he retreat then he put his axe back on his shoulders. But this two actions should be occuring at the same time, at least imo. I tried to look and give you the best advice I could as I don’t know how to sprite (already tried, but only got one stance so yeah, I know it’s very hard :D)

The FE13 Brigand is very nice! And yeah you should totally be proud of his portraits, because I think that’s one of the best I’ve seen!

You mean something like that ?
Is it better ?

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