Leo's Sprites and animations


Yup it seems much better at my eyes ; much more natural! :smiley: There is still a little something that you could add to give more fluidity to the movement, sadly I can’t give better advice than this. I have the feeling of seeing something that could be better but I can’t find where it is. Maybe it’s his feets when he’s moving back but I’m not sure.


Yes maybe, I don’t really know. I’ll probably try to improve the movements when she come back. Thanks for your advice.


Like this it seems to be smoothier for the come back
I think I’ll stick with this one

Any Suggestion for the critical ?


maybe take a look at Der and Pikmin’s war monk from the repo for inspiration


Nice idea, I guess I’ll make the critical like this :
Or the basic attack, I don’t know yet.

How does it looks ?


Honestly the jumping motion is pretty good. The only problem i see is the sudden change in direction when slamming the axe into the ground.(which i know thats hard to get right) The other problem is the sliding feet when she gets back into her starting posistion.


I tried to fix it :
Thanks for pointing out what was wrong :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks a lot more fluid. Good job!