Jay's Spliced Portraits

Yea, exactly what it says on the tin, not happy with everything here but they’re good enough, despite being really amateurish. I plan to use most of them in my own project but feel free to use or edit anything here just give me a bit of recognition maybe, most of them need a bit of a touch up anyways. I’ll be adding more in the future.

Mugs with Frames

SainPortrait Editor Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA.backup.20200806141610.GBA_98@62 Civilian_8AD67C
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA.backup.20200806141610.GBA_53@35 Zonta_8AD190Hale
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem (USA, Australia).emulator.gba_35@23 Raven_C96958Portrait Editor DoubleBackUp.gba_20@14 Mae_010E6708
Portrait Editor 0378 - Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword.gba_189@BD Wendy_66131CPortrait Editor DoubleBackUp.R.gba_8@08 Helen_010969CC
LowenPortrait Editor Heir of Gaia.gba_2@02 Vin_01096924
HaleOld Willis
SamJay CamomileWar1

Lacking Frames/Minimug

Portrait Editor Fire Emblem (USA, Australia).emulator.gba_128@80 Pascal_C97384Portrait Editor Heir of Gaia.gba_30@1E Lioba_01096C34 Angel Portrait


I like them quite a lot personally, my favourite is probably the androgynous looking blonde armour person.
You’re definitly right about them being good enough, I wouldn’t bat an eye if I saw any of these in a romhack.


Thank you, I’m kinda surprised you got the more androgynous vibe I was aiming for with that one, I had a bit of trouble making it because I couldn’t find a good hairstyle, but eventually I settled on Roy’s…the fun part was making the silverish trim on the armor work

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Just gonna add this one down here and to the main post because I can’t quite decide on which to do, so here take one made today
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA.backup.20200806141610.GBA_98@62 Civilian_8AD67C
Planned to be used as a Pegasus Knight but could work as a female Cavalier as well.


Two more real quick ones before I get 2 hours of sleep, ey.
A green Cavalier to go along with the red one at the top of the post and…
Portrait Editor DoubleBackUp.R.gba_8@08 Helen_010969CC
Gave her proper neck shading and recolored her to be a possible yellow third wheel to our Cain and Abel, ala Lowen or Makalov (A Seth, if you would but you know not THE Seth, just biblically speaking)


Yea, here’s a dancer boy I’m working on cuz I wanted a male dancer for a change.
Angel Portrait
Kinda love him


First time to see dancer boy (^o^)/

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Yeah, think there’s like, one male dancer animation out there and I wanted to be able to use it…I might also give him wary fighter and the ability to use dark magic but that’s kind of up in the air.

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(^o^)/ waiting for your hack release too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s a complete one, he’s gonna be my main lord but I think the potential to be a Mercenary radiates off of him
Portrait Editor Heir of Gaia.gba_2@02 Vin_01096924
Y’all think I’m improving any with these?


Here’s a remake of my original Mage Boy Portrait.
Nothing flashy, but I think it’s mostly good…mostly


Two Portraits that share a common theme of being old af

First a skeleton mentor
Old Willis
He’s gonna be useless soon

And second a old Soldier boy Portrait I made awhile ago, when I was still testing the waters, honestly I hate it cuz it’s so rough, particularly the minimug and it gives me a weird sense of deja vu I don’t like, but eh…


One more wip (I promise I’ll finish this one before my ADHD makes me start another)
So, this beautiful yet shady pirate man, and just for fun (aka it’s going in the game) his palette
as a pirate using DerTheVaporeon’s DS style pirate animation (Because of course)
Swanky Pirate
It’s a wip to kinda…


He is so handsome (//∇//)\

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another Soldier who is totally not a shameless self insert…definitely not, nope
Also the completed Pirate Boy Portrait, not quite as good, but eh…


A new WIP of an Albino Mage…or Myrmidon, heck maybe even a Manakete (honestly if I could, he’d be a Freelancer cuz he reminds me of Xane)
Might shift the eyes (and headband/undershirt) to more of a cloudy purple-blue…


Handsome (^o^)/ aw (^o^)/ can not wait untill it finished

Heheh, thank you, he really is good looking, honestly I’m actually surprised it’s coming out so well, it’s alot more complex than what I’m used to making, lotta layers…mainly in the hair lol

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So I finished up the albino boys Portrait
Stuff definitely got messy while trying to make the Minimug, but I think he turned out pretty great, and I also have this:
Just a grumpy slightly older fighter


Okay soooo, today I’ve got Wyvern Riders in classic colors of their Archetype (Just genderflipped lol)
A young nervous recruit in black and a somewhat snide tested veteran in red. They should be rather easy to recolor if one wanted to. also…



(Using the female version of the Team Salvaged Mercenary made by JeyTheCount and a map made by XPgamesNL there)