Is there a hack of the GBA fire emblems with the skill hack, along with other QOL hacks?

I’m feeling nostalgic but thanks to mangs’s lets plays of rom hacks with all those cool stuff, I kinda want to play the original GBA games, but with those hacks

So is there a place to download em, or anyway for me to utilize them on my own. Sorry new to hacking so literally no idea of the amount of work goes into these, like i have an idea but I’m sure my idea is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for reading

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I think this includes a few QoL changes.

You might also consider looking at the reskins of fe8 done. You can find a list from the fangame directory.

hey thanks man, not exactly Blazing or Binding Blade, but hey I liked Sacred Stones (only one I could beat when I was young cause I didn’t understand the concept of spreading xp LOL)

SkillSystems is for fe8. Most of the fegba hacking scene is about editing fe8, as it has the most features of the gba games, understandably. It would be way more effort to fully support all 3 games, and there’s no reason to edit fe6 or fe7 over fe8 if you’re making a custom game.

Therefore, your best bet is one of the fe6 or fe7 reskins in the aforementioned fangame directory. These are still the plot of their respective games, just edited in some way (such as nice QoL features). Or play one of the many good fe8 romhacks out there if you’re brave enough to try out unfamiliar storylines & maps.

ah I see, see I didn’t know that, didn’t realize that 6 and 7 were so different, ok thanks for all the info :slight_smile: