How to import Music and SFX using Buildfiles?

I’m trying to import some music from FE7 into FE8, but I don’t get the results that I want.

I tried using FEBuilder to get the .s file and insert it with Sappy2EA, but the game crashes when trying to load the song.

Apparently the song is empty when checking it on FEBuilder:

This is what I do:

  1. Get the .s file with FEBuilder
  2. Run Sappy2EA
  3. Write this on the buildfile

#include “AnUnexpectedCaller.event”

What am I doing wrong?

Also, how do I import sound effects?
I tried to import the Aircalibur SFX from FE6, but I ended up with ear-raping noise.

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Isn’t an Aircalibur-sound already in FE8 and it is just muted for some reason?

For music, your pointer to the song data is really a pointer to the header of the song (which ironically is placed at the end of the song). The bottom of my .s files look something like thisimage
After being run through s2ea, this is what my .event file looks like.image
For my case, songAscent is the label which represents the pointer to the song I use in my SongTable(...) macro. There’s no need to declare a label right next to that macro. I’ve never worked with sound effects, though, but I hope this helps your music issue.


This worked, but the instrument don’t match the original song (because instruments have different indexes in FE7 than in the Native Instrument patch (?))
It seems that I can change the instruments to match the original, but there are some labeled as “Direct Sound” and I suppose those are unique for FE7, perhaps I can change them for a similar sounding instrument.

Thanks for the help.

It gets muted because the entries 0x108 and 0x109 (The SFX for Aircalibur) are empty, I want to import those SFX from FE6, but I don’t know how.

Hm, you seem to be right. I wonder where in the world I got the sounds from because they seem to be diffrent from the FE6 sounds in the same slots and I do not remember importing them into my rom. Anyways, importing Music and soundeffects from other games might be rough without FEBuilder because one has to put the missing sounds into the soundbanks(Instrumentsets) because they just do not exist anymore. Good luck.

Just because something isn’t being done with FEB doesn’t mean it’s inherently more difficult.

Yeah this is pretty normal. Just reference your instrument map doc with what instruments you want for each track. Changing what instrument (voice) is used for each track is as easy as changing a single value in the .s file.

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Well, it is harder when one has no idea what has to be done.

Skillsystems DragonVein ability (Colorz + Circles) and Void’s Blitzarre Adventure (?) both import custom wav files and you can look into the code for either of them, so it’s been done and there’s some hints leftover at least.

(I haven’t figured it out myself but hopefully someone can illuminate the process. Currently stuck on Wav2EA parameters and how you would convert an .s to a .wav (if at all).)


I… honestly don’t know if I know how to respond to that, but okay.
If you mean you have no idea what has to be done… why are you even on this buildfile help thread?
If you mean in general… what?

In the first place, I tried to explain to Mikey a possible answer to why the soundeffect of Aircalibur are earrape and just stated that it would be easier with FEBuilder because they have to figure out exactly how to Import the thing in with Buildfiles.
I just tried to help find the correct direction, that is all.

I didn’t know Wav2EA existed.
I ripped the wavs from FE6 using Sappy, then used Wav2EA and now it works perfectly!
Now I have to figure out how to make it not to loop.

You didn’t explain anything, you simply said importing music and sounds is rough without FEBuilder, which wasn’t very helpful.

Anyways, I found a solution thanks to @Snakey1 and @feels


Did you use Sappy during the pre-buildfile/FEB days? You might be interested in the advanced music installer, which gives you full control over voice tables (aka instrument and sound effect maps) the same way Sappy did back in the day. It was immediately forgotten about after its release because most people are satisfied just using the native instruments/sfx, but it completely demystifies voice tables and how they’re structured.

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