How do you guys record Let's Plays?

Hi everyone. I really need some help on this, 'cause I haven’t been good at researching this myself.

Basically, I’ve wanted to start doing LPs for hacks for a while now, but I’ve been unable to find a thorough tutorial on the matter.
I have OBS Studio and Audacity ready to go, however OBS only captures a fraction of the screen when I turn on M-GBA. How do you guys know how to regulate the audio between the game and your voice? Do you use both OBS and Audacity simultaneously?

Is there a tutorial for newbies somewhere that I just haven’t ran into? I would really appreciate any help you can give me.

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Hey Johnny!

Overall, it’s a bit of trial and error and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I do have some tips for recording with obs though:

  • Make sure that the audio from your input is always louder than that of your pc. If the system audio is louder than the mic audio, the game or other noise on your pc will make it hard to hear your commentary.

  • Try setting a hotkey for stopping and starting your recording. That way, you don’t have to manually switch back and forth between OBS and your game.

  • As for the partially recording M-GBA issue: In OBS, click on the element that records M-GBA and select transform. Here you can choose to adjust the size of the capture window to your screen, or you can stretch it to fill the entire window. I always like to fit it to the screen and add a fun background image. Let me know if this does not help.

Hopefully these tips were insightful!


Thank you! I’ll try this in the following days and keep you posted👍🏻


Oh boy do I relate to that but yeah try different things and explore your recording program and editing program if you use one before editing your video otherwise you might end up with the disaster that is the first episode of my vision quest playthrought. (I know you didn’t ask for editing tips but I thought I’d let you know while we’re at it.)


To be fair, I’ll have to become adept at doing the bare minimum of editing too, so it certainly can’t hurt😂

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Idk what you use but if you use power director, render the mini preview otherwise you’ll think that the recording is glitched and attempt to speed up the recording to fix an issue that doesn’t exist.

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I’ve never heard of power director. Is it like OBS, or a specific editing program like DaVinci resolve?

It’s an editing program that is fairly reliable for gameplay foutage. The only downside is the watermark if you use it for free but it’s not annoying like other watermarks so it’s not a huge issue.

You can see the watermark in action here if you want to see.
I’ve also come across a problem where the vid wasn’t rendered properly but I just rerendered it and it works now.

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Did you figure it out?

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I used to use OBS and a “window capture” that was set to mGBA. I adjusted the screen size accordingly from there. The other tips mentioned here are good too.

I recommend reading HeartHero’s thread on the topic as well. PentV also has a helpful post on this topic.

Good luck!

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Thanks for checking in!
I’m almost there. I’m just stuck at the full-screen of the emulator now.

What I mean by that is that OBS does show the emulator, however as soon as I try to make m-gba full-screen the sounds and the music keeps going, but the image is kept still. You can hear the cursor moving, but the screen is stuck on whatever it was showing when I went into full-screen.

If I don’t go full-screen with m-gba I don’t know how to make it so that the white thing above with “file-emulation-audio/video” toolbar disappears, leaving only the game in view.

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Sources → Game Capture
Mode → Capture Specific Window
Window → mGba will be in the name, so no biggie there.
Window Match Priority → Match title, otherwise find window of the same executable

It plays the mGBA full screen flawlessly for me! (Windows 10)

Were you using regular Window Capture before?
FYI, use Game Capture for anything using a graphics rendering library like OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX, or SDL. Window Capture is for things that don’t use a graphics library, like your browser or things that use default Windows API.

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Yeah, I was. Now that I switched over to Game Capture it worked perfectly.

Yeah you have to be verified by YouTube first. You should have a link or instructions on how to do that in the message

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Already solved. Thank you, though!

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You’re welcome

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