The Road To Ruin - Blind LP

Hi everyone! Here’s my first Youtube video ever!
Thank you wholeheartedly to everyone on the “How do you guys record Let’s Plays?” thread for the help!

I still have to sort out how to make the thumbnail, but aside from that, I am satisified with the video.

Hope you guys enjoy!


Welcome to the LP community pal! Have fun with Road to Ruin, the start is a bit tough if I remember correctly so good luck!

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Thank you very much! Yeah, I do remember Chapter 3 and 4 in particular having very sturdy enemies, but hey… let’s hope for the best XD
Maybe I’ll just keep dodging every 70% hit that comes my way😂

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Here’s the second episode after 9 months! I have finally learned how to place basic edits in this one, and even then, I am talking about a transition screen XD

So, 5 months ago I also had Chapter 2 ready, but it would seem I forgot to post it here too.
My apologies for that :sweat_smile:

What I really wanted to get into, is the Chapter 3 update, uploaded just a few minutes ago. Here it is.

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The one and only: the Chapter 4!

Here I use a webcam for the first time, as I lead my units away from certain death, 'cause apparently asking questions can get you killed :smiley:

Here are some shorts of what I’ve been up to so far during my LP.

By the way, here’s Chapter 4x😁

And Chapter 5:

And last but not least for today, Part 1 of Chapter 6, complete with my very first decent-looking thumbnail…
I’m so proud🥲