Software to use for FEE3 submissions/recordings & respective tutorials

Video Recording

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).


Free and open source. Easy to use, just press the record button after installation and you’re good to go. Actively supported & maintained as well.

Audio Recording/Editing

Audacity and/or FL Studio.


Audacity is my software of choice for recording mic audio as well basic editing such as cutting and putting clips in order. Free, open source, accesible, easy to use.

FL Studio is my software of choice for audio effects, such as Compression, EQ and Noise removal. All of these are available in Audacity (and many other audio editing software) but in my opinion FL’s plugins have a great visual readout as well as real-time playback which isn’t possible in Audacity. Recording is possible in FL Studio but requires a couple more steps than Audacity. FL costs a pretty penny, however the Trial Version is free and the only restriction is that you can’t open saved projects which is irrelevant if you’re doing quick edits to your audio recording.

Video Editing

DaVinci Resolve.


I’ve used Sony Vegas, which is a popular choice among online content creators, for years now. I never paid any attention to Resolve since I didn’t think a free video editor would be better than a 500 Dollar one. Alas, it is. Even the free version of Resolve is highly professional and absolutely eclipses most competition, even the paid ones. You only need the paid version of Resolve if you’re an absolute professional - the restrictions on the free version are the lack of resolutions above 4K UHD as well as framerates over 60 FPS and some missing VFX features. You will not need these for basic Fire Emblem gameplay anyways.
Shotcut is a viable alternative that is free as well - but I’ve felt that it always has been rather clunky.

Learning to use these programs - Tutorials (external)

Audio Software Tutorials

Audacity is extremely easy to use, as such there are no tutorials I’d specifically recommend.
For FL Studio, I recommend checking out In the Mix on YT, not just for FL Tutorials but also for general audio stuff. Check out his FL Studio Beginner’s Tutorial if you’re interested.

Video Software Tutorials

Like Audacity, recording in OBS is pretty easy, once again, no specific tutorials I’ve got for that.

In the case of DaVinci Resolve and even Video Editing in general, I’d say that your best bet is to try these programs out yourself and look up tutorials focused specifically on certain topics you’re having problems with - for instance, “How to move images in DaVinci Resolve” or “How to create particles in DaVinci Resolve”. From my own experience, full-on general tutorials for video editing is a waste of time. In my opinion, of course. I can still recommend checking out Video Editing in a Minute , as the channel name suggests, his tutorials are short and lazer-focused. He has an extensive playlist of Resolve tutorials as well.

Also worth checking out: HeartHero’s Video Content Guide. Focused on specific topics such as recording practices and setups.