Hero Animations/Data Overflow

I’m trying to fix these animations, but I got problems with the Hero’s ones.

The script doesn’t have problems (It’s the dumped one, without Mode 2 and 4), but when I click on “Save To file…”:

I’ve tried all the versions of FEditor that I have, but all of them have the same problem… I think that is the same problem with the CSA, there are too much frames.

Is there a way to bypass OAM data overflow?
Or change the C18 to C02 in the existing animations without scripting them again, whatever that fixes the problem.

Open up the frame data that you get when you dump the animation in a hex editor, search for all instances of 18000085, replace them with 02000085, re-insert and see if that fixes it.

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That works great!
And it doesn’t remove the palettes. Thanks!

Wouldn’t you end up dodging the wrong way if you use C02 instead of C18?

I have a lot of custom animations dodging with C02, and they don’t seem to have problems.

C18 (Dodge to the front):

C02 (Dodge to the back):

C02 puts you on the wrong side of the attack.

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I didn’t notice it before :joy:

But using C18 causes conflict with CSA, and that’s a problem too.


I never understood wtf dodge front/back meant when I made a handful of animations.

Is that Pyrrha from RWBY?

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Yep, I’m doing a crossover hack. SF sprite thread has some of my other stuff.


Wow man, I LOVE that!
Good luck with the project ^^
Really smooth and nice animations; the mugs could use some work but for being splices, they’re neat

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