List of Animations that freeze the game while dodging CSA

As I said here, some animations aren’t compatible with the CSA, here’s a list of those animations:

- Roy FE6
- Roy (Disarmed) FE6
- Archer Male FE7/8
- Archer Male (Disarmed) FE7/8
- Archer Female FE6/7/8
- Archer Female (Disarmed) FE6/7/8
- Hero Male (Sword) FE7/8
- Hero Male (Axe) FE7/8
- Hero Male (Hand Axe) FE7/8
- Hero Male (Disarmed) FE7/8
- Hero Female (Sword) FE6
- Hero Female (Hand Axe) FE6
- Hero Female (Disarmed) FE6
- Sniper Male FE7/8
- Sniper Male (Disarmed) FE7/8
- Sniper Female FE7/8
- Sniper Female (Disarmed) FE7/8
- Blade Lord (Bow) FE7
- Assassin FE7/8
- Assassin (Disarmed) FE7/8
- Bonewalker (Bow) FE8
- Bonewalker (Sword) FE8
- Bonewalker (Lance) FE8
- General (Lance) FE7
- General (Axe) FE7
- General (Hand Axe) FE7

Not Tested:

- Mage FE6
- Mage Female FE6
- Sage FE6
- Sage Female FE6
- Hero FE6
- Druid Female FE6
- Nomad Trooper FE6
- Nomad Female FE6
- Nomad Trooper Female FE6
- Dancer FE6
- Bard FE6
- King FE6
- Demon Dragon FE6
- Assassin (Legault) FE7
- Hero (Linus) FE7
- Swordmaster (Lloyd) FE7
- Swordmaster (Guy) FE7
- Myrmidon (Guy) FE7
- Fire Dragon FE7
- Wight FE8
- Revenant FE8
- Entombed FE8
- Mogall FE8
- Arch Mogall FE8
- Mauthedoog FE8
- Gwyllgi FE8
- Deathgoyle FE8
- Maelduin FE8
- Gorgon FE8
- Cyclops FE8
- Draco Zombie FE8
- Demon King FE8
- Ranger FE8
- Cavalier Female FE8
- Great Knight FE8
- Mage Knight FE8
- Mage Knight Female FE8
- Dancer FE8
- Necromancer FE8

I think that Hero (Linus) may freeze the game, the same for Hero FE6, Wight FE8 and Assassin (Legault).
For the others I’m not sure.

And the solution is dump the animation, change C18 for C02 and insert it again, but it loses the palettes for Enemy, NPC and Other in the process.
And custom animations doesn’t seem to have this problem, as long as you don’t use C18 in the dodge mode.

EDIT: Here’s a easy way to fix these animations without losing the palettes.


By lose the palettes, you just mean the generic ones right?

And I believe this freeze also happens with Eirika’s unpromoted animation.

Yes, the generic ones.

And Eirika unpromoted works perfectly, at least when I tested it.

Solved - was a glitch in the old CSA engine

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