Grug's Primitive Disadventure by Team Stoned Stoners [Full Game Completed]

version 1.4, i’m kind of a lazy ass so i forget to from time to time

you can’t crit cause i removed the crit bonus from skill cause i figured nobody wanted to deal w/ low % crit on everything all the time, as was seen from playtesting



Ty and ur team for this hack, i had fun.


glad you enjoyed it

Thx for playing it man means a lot

i committed le insert supports, well, at least made them functional. Actual conversations are not added in for the most part, but at least they’ll function correctly.

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New patch out which fixes some bugs and does some minor balance changes

Rye, Darknight, Dart buffed
CJ nerfed

Last patch, I swear

Fixes one last gamebreaking bug

I may or may not have added another playable character as well but :slight_smile:


Jesus, (sips gin), take the wheel.



I’m calling my lawyer.


lawyers are for the weak, i will represent myself in court


Aw hell yeah, it’s done and getting expanded, mastahpiece

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To anyone showing up on this page, I have great news on the progress of Diamond is Definitive!

Dw I’m not throwing this all into dev hell just yet

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Hey guys, we’ve been made aware that there’s some assets that haven’t been credited as of yet. Don’t worry, we’ll update the credits as soon as possible. Thanks!

Well, I compiled all the credits together (finally, after a whole ass year+ more), apologies for taking this long.

If I missed an asset you created please notify me

and now we wait for tzar to actually update the page (whenever he notices my ping), please take your complimentary jeopardy music:

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i’m necroposting in this thread because i (hypothetically and technically) own this hack (with the team, ofc) and wish to give an update on the absolute state of it

so the final grugdate will probably come out in the far future, in a time where everyone’s probably forgotten about it…but for a good reason (other than the fact that i’ve spent the last 6 months of my life working on Touhou Emblem)

well i mean first i have to say that the Brazil project we mentioned in FEE3 2021 is cancelled because we all lost interest in it, so no more Grug “Gaiden”

nah instead you get this:
Grug 2.emulator-0

Oooh I wonder what this could beeeeeeee

So that’s what’s in store, I hope you look forward to whatever the hell we’re making next. Thank you to everyone to played Grug 1.


grug moment

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“Ah, there’s the ROM. Hooaka, get Protocol Time Rift ready.” - ???

Welp, 3 months in the future is pretty far for me due to my eternal impatience, but Diamond is Definitive is nearly out! I’ve finalized a bunch of plot stuff + new characters to fit in with Grug 2. I guess you could treat DiD kind of like the Ultra Sun & Moon to Sun & Moon, since I’m also updating the plot and a good bit of the gameplay. Along that is gameplay updates, and new portraits for old characters! I hope that you’re looking forward to checking it out once we’re done testing it!

And ofc, Grug 2 has also been announced, if you haven’t seen the thread for it yet:

Grug 2’s currently about 20/27 chapters into completion, so expect it to be released…uh…sometime that’s less than half a year?

That’ll be all, until Diamond is Definitive is released!



Rye didn’t completely forget about Dissociative Identity Disor-

Diamond is Definitive.

So I kinda laid off writing the last 8 support chains until now lmao, but I’m almost done, so release is soon:tm:

Look forward to Diamond is Definitive, AND Grug 2 (currently in playtesting phase), coming out at an undisclosed date!


Considering the name of the team, I’m guessing that this hack is an FE8 one?

no, it’s clearly an fe4 one as you can see by the obvious fe4 graphics in the screenshots smh

You didn’t have to be sarcastic with me, Rye.