Genealogy of the Holy Perambulation

Previously exclusive to a Serenes Forest thread,
Genealogy of the Holy Perambulation makes it debut on FEU!
This rebalance hack of FE4 features:

  • Altered base stats and growths for most classes.

  • Weapon tweaks, intended to make the game less centralized around lighter weapons.

Genealogy of the Holy Perambulation 2.0020 Genealogy of the Holy Perambulation014

  • Innumeral buffs, given to the most under performing members of the cast.

But most importantly…



This hack is built off of the JP original, and is compatible with any translation patch.
Make sure your rom doesn’t have a header when you apply the patch. If you have any further questions, reply here.


It appears I completely forgot to list Linda’s changes in the readme. I’ll put them here.
|HP 95% |STR 15% |MAG 45% |SKL 55% |SPD 45% |LUCK 25% |DEF 35% |RES 25%
Promotes to Mage Knight.

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Lord Louie so cool
I love 15 defense

For some reason, it’s impossible for a player to achieve 30 defense in the base game. Classes only ever get 15 points of a stat at maximum, and since no playable classes have base 15 defense, this cap is never reached. It’s an odd thing I took into account while making this.

Having some trouble with ROM patching. Tried patching to a Project Naga ROM, and got a patching error. I was able to ignore the error and start the game, but then, it would only work in some emulators, and Alec’s weapon rank would be non-existent. Also tried patching to an unmodified (J) ROM, but met with the same error.

I would advise applying the patch to a rom with Project Naga having been already installed. The patching error is just UPS being objectively the worst patch format (don’t @ me). Set mismatches to “ignore”, rather than “abort”.
As for emulators, I only ever tested the hack in SNES9x, so I can’t speak on that front.

holy shit, wrath is a dangerous skill. arden kills every single enemy that approaches a choke point i put him on and dies.

That’s the Arden experience. Manage how many people he faces in a given turn, or suffer the consequences. As the game wears on, you’ll find it easier for Arden to maintain Wrath and not die from it.

So, im liking this so far, but, uhh, this happened:

Steel Blade Ring


God, why does this keep happening? Oh. It’s because I forgot to fix the name in the item editor. An upcoming hotfix should get rid of this issue for good.
It has no effect on gameplay, thankfully.

I did that, but then this happens:
Fire Emblem 4 Genealogy of the Perambulation000
Fire Emblem 4 Genealogy of the Perambulation001
Fire Emblem 4 Genealogy of the Perambulation002

Don’t think this is supposed to be happening, right?

Edit: Okay, I fixed it, but I needed to take an unheadered (J) ROM, apply the patch, and then Project Naga over it.

I should’ve mentioned that sooner. Do not use this patch on a headered rom.

2.1 has been released! Hotfixes include:

  • Holy Weapons can be bought and sold (though only used by members of their respective bloodlines).

  • Adept can stack with Brave weapons

  • Paragon Band/Steel Blade naming error fixed.

  • Additional balance changes made to Radney, Muirne, Linda, and Asaello (check the Readme for more details).

  • Earth Sword continues to be a pain in regards to durability, and has been set back to 10 uses (with a steep price cut!).


Now that holy weapons can be sold, there is one suggestion I have that I’m sure is terribly difficult to implement, but it would make the game so much better: the thing FE4 Binary did about holy weapons. Make minor blood characters be able to wield them with halved stat buffs. This would open up the game so much.


That would be nice… if I knew how to implement it. Another thing I’d love to have, is for Major-blooded characters to be capable of wielding their signature weapon, regardless of class (namely, Valkyria for Claud!Lester).
I’m not sure it would open up the game that much, though. If it ever becomes possible, I’ll add Valflame to the Epilogue armory.

It would if you change things with that in mind. Binary made Mjölnir, Valflame and Helswath droppable in the final chapters for the children of Taillte, Azel and Lex (plus Johan and Johalva) to use, as well as allowing for more unusual builds like Lana with Forseti or Lester with the Yewfelle. Maybe you could look at the Binary patch and see if it can help you implement it? I have no idea about hacking so I how helpful it’d be xD
I should say that the minor blood allowance is the sole reason why I want to continue and finish Binary before starting this, and if you did implement it, I’d jump ship in an instant.

Version 2.2 is coming soon. Projected changes include:

  • The Wingclipper is now a 5 might brave weapon.

  • Fixing the Hel error, in which Dark Mages would not have the rank to use it (but would still wield it anyway)

  • Balance changes made to Alec, Noish, Beowulf, and Dalvin.

  • Paladins have B axe rank.

if anyone knows how to fix combat animations for things such as handaxes, please let me know.

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Version 2.2 has arrived! Wanna know what’s different? Of course you do!

  • Alec and Noish were among the worst characters in this hack, primarily because they saw no improvements in any of the prior versions. Finally, their growth totals have been buffed to 260, and each one got a few points in their personal stats.

  • Beowulf received +5% Luck and Defense.

  • Dalvin received +20% Luck, Sol as a personal skill, and now promotes to Hero once more.

  • Tristan received +10% Strength, and regained Critical.

  • M!Paladin Strength cap buffed to 25.

  • F!Paladin Magic and Resistance caps buffed to 23.

  • Dark Mages have A Dark.

  • Paladins have B Axes.

  • M!Mage Fighter lost C Staves and gained B Swords. Amid causes softlocks if he heals a unit with animations on.

Oh I forgot! The M!Mage Fighters have A Fire, Thunder, and Wind now.
Also 50% Speed Growth for Sharlow.


If you forgot to mention something in your changelog, please edit your post instead of making a new one.

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Genealogy of the Holy Perambulation 2.0 - Copy000

Eyo, time for a questionairenary. 2.3 will be out soon… probably.
In the mean time, I’d like to ask players what they wish to see from the project next.

  • An Actual Hard Mode
  • Map Edits (Shortcuts added to certain maps, less terrain bottlenecking, so on)
  • Visual Overhaul (Bring over portraits from FE5/Binary/My own sources)
    Pick one and choose wisely, your decision could become the threshold of fate for Genealogy of the Holy Perambulation 3.0!
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