Fractured Realms

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There’s dialogue specifying that some soldiers will destroy buildings (they have torches so you know visually who they are). Tilechange is a mistake I guess, will look into.

Re: Tyro, yeah probably; will throw it in the “do this at some point” pile


I believe it was this one.

Kind of harsh if they destroy houses. I’m guessing visiting them doesn’t prevent them being destroyed?


It does not, no. Churches can also be destroyed.

Okay. Will check out those events, thanks!


This was a mistake. Yikes.

I’m going to keep Sugari far away from bosses from now on.

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Quick hotfix update will probably be up tomorrow, it addresses the balance/random errors that were reported.


Love the game so far
But all my charas are die far to easy
but oh well

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Okay that took longer than expected due to school being a thing.

Anyway, updated link in the first post.

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update #2 because something broke, this is a temporary update, as the next will be version 1.3