Fractured Realms: 1.2.1 Update

Hello, I am here, it’s a me.

I’ll get to updating this post never, but I do have something probably better than a screenshot.

A screenshot:
And a release:
Release 1.2.1
Ch6 & Ch7 Fix

To apply the fix, download the folder attached. Go into the content/Data/Map Data folder of the game project and replace the Event Data folder with the one in the download.

Check out the readme for information

In a land long ago, there lived three genies. Alpha, Delta, and Christopher. Each of these genies was jealous of the other, as each were given different Pokemon games by their grandmother. Alpha got Gold version, Delta got Platinum version, and Christopher got the literal sun.

Jokes aside, Fractured Realms is a project that follows Prince Sugari as he escapes from his home of Drytton in search of refuge. Along the way, many things happen, which cause other things to happen and yeah idk how to write a synopsis. I worked hard on it, please give me feedback if you feel you have something to contribute or if I somehow missed your name in the credits.

The whole gimmick of Fractured Realms is the Ambition system. While sadly I don’t have a way to visually show you where Sugari’s ambition currently lies, it’s fairly obvious when you’re leaning towards higher, lower, or somewhere in the middle. The ambition levels will affect dialogue, entire events, recruitment, promotion for Sugari, and other things, so each play-through always has something new to offer.
Quests are another gimmick. Again, I don’t currently have a way to show you what quests you’ve started and completed, these will help add to the story. These can give bonus chapters, characters, items, and lore (boo). These are also, for the most part, independent of Ambition, so you can do any quest regardless of where the ambition of your Sugari lies.

Look, I typed for real.
That should be it for now.


i see your mini mugs are as beautiful as always

Lookin’ sliiiick. The guy in the last pic looks like an older, fucking-smug-as-could-be Leaf to me haha.

My little nephew is all grown up. And it looks suhweeeeeeeeet.

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Thanks for the responses and such(sorry, I just didn’t think responding with nothing was good practice on my end). So I waited until my writer’s block went away and now I have more screens.

That will probably be all(maybe another block) until FEE3


Looks really, really good! I especially like that free the prisoners screenshot, varied objectives are an awesome thing.

What does “Pro” stand for, out of curiosity?

Prologue! There are 4 early chapters that are technically “in the past”.

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Lookin’ slick! The center row, right column pic has a stray ‘this’ on the latter half of the semi-colon though.

Hmm, after saying it aloud a few times I agree, I’ll change it; thanks!

“Wait a minute… I need to free all of the prisoners before leaving.”

[15/06/2014 22:46:19] Alfred Cm’on!: Then
[15/06/2014 22:46:23] Alfred Cm’on!: the goal of the chapter is
[15/06/2014 22:46:27] Alfred Cm’on!: “free everybody, then run”
[15/06/2014 22:46:37] Alfred Cm’on!: you have many ways to approach this chapter

^discussing some new chapters in Midnight Sun

…First the blind Prodigy, and now this.
It’s getting kinda crepyyyyyyyyyy are we telepathic or what??

More like there are only so many things you can do with FE events and a medieval setting

I want to agree with @Agro but just to spite him I say no, we are telepathic :smiley:

I beg to differ. Just wait for the crazy chapter design ideas I’ve in mind for MS v.2.0.

But yeah, that doesn’t justify the fact that we both created a blind character with the Prodigy class. I call superpowers XD

Lady Link confirmed!


y’all just watch too much animu is what

Lol I don’t even watch animu matty

And darn, Arch discovered the plot of the new Zelda game >_>

I wasn’t even aware you overhauled your hack for the third time.
This is looking good though I wish Kalath was the main character again.

He’s overhauled it way more than 3 times


I don’t exactly consider this an overhaul, more of a completely new project and kicking the old project(and the name) to the curb.
But yeah I must have overhauled at least 8 times before I started Fractured Realms.

That many times?

I’m glad I’m not you.