Fractured Realms: 1.2.1 Update

neither of those days
Here it is, version 1.2
first post will be updated



Is the update just the 3 maps or is there balance changes? A changelog if possible would be very nice.

Changelog has always been in the first post, check it out!

Ah ok, thank you. Very excited to play it when kingdom hearts 3 is done.

How do you recruit santana in 1.2? i go up to him with everyone but no one talks to him.

Look at all the dialogue around him closely
He doesn’t want to talk he wants to fight someone

O. Thats cool thank you.

Started playing this with the new release, and I figure I’ll drop my thoughts/questions here. For context, I’m playing on Standard - Hard. Just finished Chapter 3x of Sugari’s story.

And before I say anything potentially critical: So far this has been quite enjoyable. It’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into this, and I’ll definitely be following future updates.

  • The prologue is exponentially more difficult than the next three chapters. If you want to get all the villages/talk conversations/steal some gold pouches from the enemies, it feels like you have extremely little leeway to make mistakes.
  • I like Sugari. He’s a nice change from your typical lords.
  • Is there an explanation of the Ambition mechanic somewhere that I missed? I’m guessing that high ambition is bad from the game’s intro, but it was pretty surprising when Sugari gained ambition as a result of 3x (and to a lesser extent, that killing the ch2 boss with Sugari increases it). It’d be nice if there was something that gave the player an idea what would increase/decrease ambition.
  • It’s really not a big deal, but something I noticed: The names for stuff feel inconsistent and slightly jarring. You’ve got a Hitman (very modern sounding) wielding a Light Yumi(Japanese) next to a Gendarme(French). And then you pick up a new bow and it’s just a Bow, no longer a Yumi. Dunno how much of this is FEXNA defaults, since this is the first FEXNA thing I’ve played.
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Higher risk, higher rewards; you can ignore the steals and the villages (if you really feel like you have to) and do just fine.

Hah! A first, usually people complain about him.

Not currently since as it stands it doesn’t affect anything outside of text, but ambition is not good nor is it bad. It will affect how Sugari sees the world and responds to it (higher he is more aggressive, lower he is more self-reflective; etc). I want to have it visible on the stat screen, but alas I’m not there yet. As for making it more obvious, I don’t know if I’d want to do that yet; I have a character planned who will explain it to Sugari, but they’re not introduced yet.

Yumi vs Bow is a way for the player to immediately know if a bow can be used by crossbowmen (Yumi can not be used by them). As for class names like hitmen, I just tried to find things that made sense to the class. Gendarme is the fexna default for a sword cavalier, and I haven’t thought of anything to replace it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hmm, if it’s visible on the stat screen you could put its help text as something like “Ambition is neither good or bad…”, and I think that would stop people worrying too much about it.

Ah, I didn’t know Yumi v Bow had an actual mechanical distinction. Have not seen a crossbow user yet.
For Hitman, would Spy fit them? Seems like it’d be a bit more appropriate for Denson, at least.
Gendarme I have no clue. Specific weapon cavs are hard to think of names for (without just going ‘Sword Knight’ or ‘Sword Cav’, which wouldn’t really be any better here).

No problem. I’ll probably be back with more as I play more.

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Feedback #2 is now up, leave a response if you can. Every little bit helps!

Played a bit more. Got up to Chapter 7 Bernaldo, and Chapter 5 Sugari.

  • Migos basically has thief galeforce? This is amazing and I love it.
  • There’s an assassin ability that claims it increases hit as enemy HP goes down, but it actually increases crit. I was fairly confused until I noticed the crit number going up mid battle.
  • While it’s made very obvious that you need to fight Santana with Ghost, I still flailed around for a bit before figuring out that Ghost has to score the killing blow on him, before he turns around and joins you. It’s a fairly unusual recruitment condition for a fire emblem game, so it might be nice to make it a little more explicit that Ghost has to deal the finishing blow. Though this is partially my fault for not thinking to give Ghost the armorslayer at first.
  • A small thing: it might be nice to have somewhere to view sidequests and their progress. Probably not worth the effort right now, but could be a nice touch later.
  • The first support conversation between Sugari and Lydia seemed a bit off. A bit stilted/unnatural?
  • Most characters seem fairly useful, though Ralph’s extremely low skill has me dubious of continuing to use him. I’ll probably have to play more to comment further (unsure about Brenna and Palla atm, since I’ve only had one mission with them).
  • Naharai is completely insufferable. Though I’m guessing this is the intent.
  • All in all, the game has remained pretty enjoyable. The enemies/maps are reasonably challenging. Stuff’s threatening enough to keep you on your toes, but not enough to be frustrating or require regular restarts. I don’t feel like I can comment too much on the story at this point, but the dialog is mostly good too (definitely needs some editing work in places, but that’s to be expected of a wip project).

It does increase hit; hit overflow is a thing in fexna, which increases your crit by 50% of your overflowing hit (150 hit -> +25 crit)

I don’t know what else I can do lol

Planned just can’t implement yet.

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully remains enjoyable for the newer content that was released.

Interesting. Now some stuff makes a lot more sense. Makes assassin kind of terrifying, which is neat. I like this implementation of assassin a lot more than the random instakills that regular FE gives them.

I’m perfectly willing to call that one my fault, but what I was imagining is Santana saying something like “Is there a swordsman amongst them strong enough to defeat me?” Emphasis on the fact that he needs to be defeated, not just fought to join. Since normally, being defeated = being dead = not what you want to happen to someone who’s obviously recruitable.

No problem. Despite all my nitpicks I rather like what I’ve played so far.

Hmm, that’s a fair suggestion; I can do that actually!

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Swd Cav :^)


hmm, idk


an old naming schema i liked was social knight for lances and free knight for swords
idk how i feel about yeti’s names for the different cavs. Gendarme is really more suitable for the axe cav since they’re supposed to be heavy cavalry.

I’m just not into the [title]-knight scheme.
Gendarmes were also lance wielding knights, so yeti got everything wrong (or myke)

A couple quick things while I’m playing ch5, before I forget:

It’s kind of odd that she says this to Sugari himself. Maybe they should have specific dialog?

And, apparently a soldier destroyed a house? But it didn’t cause any map changes, and the house is still visitable. No clue what was going on there (I’d visited the house previously too, if that matters).