Fractured Realms: 1.2.1 Update

I think that’ll be the last of the shots before FEE3

Ooh, interesting eventing things in 2nd screenshot. I like those kinds of screenies; I look forward to whatever kind of innovative events those are.

In first screenshot, you misspelled Duelist.

KALATH YES! -hype intensify-

yeah I’m trying to incorperate more interesting events and quirks to mess around with

her name is deulist :B
and who said that was Kalath ;>

Please tell me that’s not the Dark Kalath from the last hack version you did? (Prologue one iirc with the sword and everything)
Cuz if it is.
You’ll only give me so much more reason to be even more intensified.

Also, Deulist as a name? Interesting…

that was a joke, I mispelled the name :S
and perhaps, you’ll have to find out I suppose


so I was bored
enjoy(Check the first post)

Updated a fixed version of the patch, download is the same.

i’m doing stuff I guess

all PC palettes done

Probably going to start neglecting to post here since others do the same; what’s the point of updating a thread that no one bothers with?

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I will endeavour to make some post like “oh wow this is cool” in most topics if it pleases you

On that note, knife-throwing thief is indeed an “oh wow this is cool”-worthy thing. I’m curious to know how you decided to go about implementing this from a balance perspective.

I don’t want some stupid “ZOMG WOW” remark, I think you know that. On serenes I constantly get bug reports and the like, that’s what I was referring to.

But feel free to do what you want Matty ;D

Can’t view the most recent image you posted.

Also, there’s more people on SF meaning more people are likely to post. It’s also hard to respond when the sentence is ‘doing stuff’

i mean the posts from like 15 days ago weren’t “doing stuff” but w/e

I don’t have a clue why the image link keeps breaking

maybe imgur will work

I can see it now, thanks.
Oh hey, my axe knight. And an edited mage? Neat

Stop being so good at battle palettes. I’m jelly

I really like all the palettes, they’re awesome. Tonem seems a little…gray to me, though. Almost looks like a grayed out unit in that screenshot.

No more KKK hooded mages? Yesz please.

@Primefusion I ended up using your normal axe and ecut’s handaxe lol
best of both worlds…!

@Wander I’ll see what I can do about Tonem(I’m pretty terrible at priest/cleric palettes), although if you’re referring to his hair, he’s supposed to have grey hair.

@Arch Funny you call them KKK mages…

moving on from the prologue finally