Flames of Freedom 4/21 Update! Act 1 Final Version!

Alright, so some of you may know that for a while now, I’ve been making a FE8 hack called Flames of Freedom. It’s been in the works for a while now, with me dipping in and out of development to focus on school. Thank you to all the people who tested and gave me feedback for the train wreck that was some of my first builds. Namely, thank you to Fatih for pointing out all the flaws, I’m eternally grateful for learning that I had to get better. Now, I present Act 1 of my game. While this is my first hack that I ever started, I think it’s pretty good, although that’s for you to judge. If you want to play it, here’s the download. If you to talk about it or talk to be, you can message me via FEU or Discord, which I will have a link to my server.
Goodbye for now, and may the Flames of Freedom keep burning bright.


Download:Fire Emblem-Flames of Freedom.ups - Google Drive


I would love to test your hack out, but the Problem I have come across is that the Prologue is currently… unplayable, as it softlocks in it’s first cutscene.

Until it’s fixed, I can’t really say anything about your hack.


Screenshots, maybe some details.on what’s in the hack like SkillSystem, Anima Triangle, max start caps are 40, all these little things would be nice to list off. Otherwise why would anyone play a hack.


Alright, i fixed it. Sorry, left from me testing something.


I’ve played the 1st few maps as of now, and I’ll mostly speak of what I think of the gameplay from the 1st two. I won’t delve into anything else, purely gameplay.
This will also be… quite in-depth. Apologies for the wall of text.
And also apologies if I come across as overly critical… I usually am critical, but it’s from a place of genuine interest and care. If I am out of line with whatever I say, call me out on it.

Firstly, the Prologue.
Currently, it’s a slugfest, but without the challenge. A dozen enemy brigands that automatically charge at the player, makes standing on a forest, mountain tile, or the fort you spawn on, and waiting until they’re all dead the best strategy.

It requires minimal to no thinking and it is easy to execute. I saw that some of the bandits would try and go to the village, but you can’t tell which brigands go after the village. Not like it matters much though considering they go for the player when in range (which is everytime due to the villages positioning compared to the enemies and players).

How I would recommend changing this chapter up, is the following;
Step #1: Cut the enemy population by half, and spice up enemy variety.
7 (or around that number of) enemies can easily deliver the experience you want to give to the player, instead of 13. Those extra 6 goons don’t amount to a more challenging or thrilling experience, merely more EXP for the player to gulp up.
It might also be helpful to switch up the enemy ai occasionally. Having an enemy stand guard with the “Do not move” AI, or with another AI, can spice up gameplay and allow for more unique encounters.
It also doesn’t help that every enemy in this map is a brigand. I would recommend replacing 1 or 2 brigands with an Archer or Mercenary, but the call is yours to make.

Step #2: Add risk to the chapter.
To get to the village, the brigands have to go past Lucas, the lord character. Unfortunately, when in range, the Brigands will always go after him. To avoid this, I suggest putting the village on the other side of the river, so the player has a reason to push forward, instead of camping comfortably with their bloodied picnic attire and utensils.

Step #3: Nerf Lucas.
Lucas is, for lack of a better term… Broken. His bases are pretty high, and although he cannot double immediately, he will after a few kills. He also gets Canto+ 3 levels away from base. Take that skill away, slightly detract from his base stats, and he should still be good, just not game-breaking.

It will also give Cid more of a use other than being a Rally-Strength bot.

Next up, Chapter 1.
Alright, I’ll just come out and say it, THIS MAP IS WAY TOO BIG.
What I mean, is that this map could easily have been cut in half, or even in three, and the gameplay would feel quicker, and overall smoother. I’ll explain more as I go on.

Like the prologue, every enemy charges at the player. This is once again a problem because enemy confrontation in this chapter will almost always result in the player turtiling at the bottom of the map. On the plus side, enemy variety is much greater here, however on the other end, after all the enemies are dead, the map turns boring as you move your units from one end to another, maybe taking a long detour to buy an item or two.

That is, until without warning, about 20 brigands pop out and chase after the player.
Is this the anti-turtiling incentive? I will say, you’re on the right track, but there are some issues here.

First of all, they’re all axe-wielders, meaning they’ll have issues even hitting all three of the player units. That, and they’re easily disposed of. This turns a punishment into a reward by giving the player an EXP bomb, and I doubt that was you’re intention.

I have two suggestions;
Firstly, make them stronger, give them better weapons, and add variety to their classes. Perhaps a few pegasus knights and magi? A shaman? All of them being brigands makes it easy for the player to cut them all down, by hiding somewhere and baiting them one after the other.

Secondly, give a warning to the player that this event will occur.
The enemy spawn occurs at turn 12, so at turn 11 or 10, alert the player with a message from a soldier saying more enemies are arriving soon, or perhaps the boss monologuing about how his cronies are late.
You never want your player to feel screwed because something occurred that they could never have accounted for. If the enemy spawns weren’t just brigands, I know I would be frustrated by the possibility that I would have to replay the chapter over again.

For the map itself, the size of it makes it slow and tedious once all the enemies are gone, so here is my solution; cut the map in two, or even three, and have some enemies on “Do not move”. Tinker with what you think could also help with the chapter.

Phineas joins this map, and he’s a thief. Along with Lucas, and Cid, that’s three sword users in the party…
Not a complaint or issue necessarily, I just think it’s interesting.

Something else I do find intriguing, is the gimmick you implemented into the chapter,
where if you visit a village, and NPC will help you out.
I find this to be very interesting, however I don’t feel it was utilized to it’s fullest potential here.
I feel the size cut from before, along with buffing them up slightly, could make this chapter feel pretty unique.
A suggestion however; have an enemy soldier or brigand go after these villages, and perhaps after they get to the village, those same green units pop out red instead?
You don’t have to follow this, but it would be intriguing.

Oh, I can’t forget this… MAJOR SOFTLOCK IN CHAPTER 1
When restarting the map, the game will softlock once a brigand tries going down the map. I don’t entirely understand why. When playing the map on it’s 1st go, this does not occur.

Zanza's weapon is the one true Longbow: instrument of destruction and rebirth.

That’s mostly it for now. I’ll try and get more done when I have available time. Interested to see how this project turns out. May the Flames of Freedom prosper and stay aflame (no pressure though, work on it as best as you can, whenever you want).

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Oh, huh, wow.
I forgot how I got access to the game in the first place, but I did a way while back. Did a VLP on it, actually.

There’s a lot of humor and crap to wade through here but here would be a natural reaction to it all, at least in some very, very early version of the game, because I didn’t know this was being worked on and would have seven chapters being played. I forgot what was said in the video but don’t anything personally, if.

There were definitely issues with how maps LOOKED and were designed with chapter 1 having all the trees everywhere and with 2 being a huge, linear town with few detours. More detail on these maps alongside fixes to the script (which, by the way, we noted that the characters actually seemed to be interesting in terms of backstory but just had no room for good execution) would really help with the polish of the game, because as it stands it’s quite muddled.

I have not much to say else since I’m just doing this from memory and you have the video, but there you have it. I hope you don’t drop the project as anything is a good starting point to gain experience, but I do also hope you can find the time to enhance the visuals and other aspects of the game (especially with the chapter graphics - aren’t you using the text patch?)

I’ll see where this goes. Seems that since there are more chapters this time around I might give it a go later.


Ah, but does it still have the Gaiden chapter where you fight (some guy from Jojo, I don’t remember who)?

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Spoiler alert!


Except it’s not Jonathan this time. :pensive:


Thank you for the criticism @Regi. I’ll try to work on all that you talked about. Also, I think I might take that line, if it’s ok with you. May the Flames of Freedom prosper and stay aflame.
Thanks you too, @Faith. I’ll also definitely improve on what you had yo say in your video.

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I fully played through until Ch.6 which is the end and these are the notes I took mid-game.
Cid is a mercenary, who joins you in battle for a chance to maybe get paid at somepoint? What a crappy mercenary.
Delsor has a different battle quote portrait from his normal portrait.
Zanza palette is off.
Zanza has a really… weird way to start a battle? Just like kill me and I’ll tell you why I killed someone???
Phineas joins you, because he wants to fight? as a kid? It’s a really random reason to join.
Idk how I got Nanaki’s chapter, but as a boss he is ridiculously hard. I had to RNG like 2-3 hits because he doubled me with 70+hit rate WHILE I was standing on a fort that I had to juke around him to get to. There was also no explantion for the undead rising, it was just bam random undead for free exp.
Also Nanaki has +3 all stat, a great unbreakable weapon for no reason. Also yay 4th sword user… hooray.
Ch.2 you can literally cut off the whole left half of the map. It’s just a walk to the snag to destroy it. Why does the boss have Axebreaker? Tabantha also has Wary Fighter, so that 70% speed growth is completely useless. If it was 0% and she had 0spd, it wouldn’t make any difference. Also sometimes pressing R on her Fire&Flames softlocks the game.
Ch.3 The map and enemies are too symmectrical so it’s just boring. Also why is there a armory and vendor literally every chapter? Any selling an axe? Nobody uses axes yet I don’t get it.
The hardest part of this chapter is trying to get to the red house before Lucas Lightbrands the entire map to death.
Why the hell are we fighting them? Just because some soldiers rest here we decide to attack an entire castle? ddHuh.
Noah has Desperation AND Wary Fighter? Don’t those ya know cancel eachother out?
Noah: Hold on why are you attacking?
Me: That’s what I’m wondering.
Trying to loot chests because everything is far away, and 16 random ass units spawn for no reason with no warning… Just like Zanza’s chapter it makes no sense and is bad map design. Nobody in the history of Fire Emblem likes ambush spawns, but hey at least it’s not STR (Same Turn Reinforcements).
by far the most enemy diversity… to bad it’s fog of war, and there is a crap ton of them. So I literally just used nanaki cause he’s broken and the required two and turtled till I won.
For being a required “lord” Noah is really… weak. Like super fragile, crappy growths, bad bases, useless skills.
Looking through the game files:
apparently in Ch.2 where you cross the river and I said the left half is pointless, 10 reinforcments spawn from BEHIND YOU after 10chapters… Gladly I finished it early because I left everyone behind and just took lucas+nanaki. These ambush spawns…

Also random secret shop on a random tile in that map? Almost every FE game with a secret shop has some small map indicator that tells you something is off. ex: big mountain range in FE6 with a tile missing, random lake in FE12 with a single land tile in it. FE7 with the island in the lake, FE7 with the shop behind a broken wall in the map corner you don’t go to etc etc…

Apparently Nanaki’s map has ALOT more reinforcments that are… weak and meaningless but makes his fight alot more annoying to deal with.

Also Random secret armory in the prolouge? That actually has good weapons? Why and how is anyone supposed to find that?
Final Notes:
This needs alot of polishing. like alot.
Downs was pretty much this whole post.
Upside… You put a hack out there not many people can say that. But it needs alot of work to be good/decent. TBH I didn’t even have fun with it and mostly just Fast Forwarded the entire game save the talking. This post seems mean and harsh, but it’s my honest thoughts and hopefully you can improve and keep making it better and better.

Also idk if this is mean either, idk if english is your first language or not, but you should get someone to proof read it.


Thank you for a brutally honest opinion, I appreciate that. I will definitely be taking your whole opinion into account.
PS: Yes, English is my first language. I’ll just be honest when I say that I’m really bad at paying attention to basic grammar.


Hey @Gultykappa. I noticed that a lot of the recolored portraits seemed really off. So i recolored some of them again to make them easier on the eyes.

Lucas Nanaki Noah Tabatha

Hope you find these useful and good luck with your proyect.


Thanks, some of them will be gone anyways, but I appreciate it.

So I decided to play the updated version and… wow. This hack has really improved. Sure, it still has some problems. Namely, the in-battle palettes seem rather funky and I feel like they should have more polish on them. But everything else… I’m just blown away. The new portraits for Cid and Lucas as well as the more polished events and maps go a long way. The tent mechanic in chapter 1 is especially interesting, giving items upon defeat instead of exp. I do think that these maps can feel a little empty but they are the beginning maps, and this hack is still rather early in development. They do look pretty good still. Overall, I think this hack is going in a good direction. You’ve taken criticism and applied it to make the hack overall better, and I hope to see this project prosper further in the future. May the Flames of Freedom keep burning bright.

Thank you, and may the same go for you!

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