Fixed, 0% and 100% growths with flags

Recently, I decided to implement growth options to my hack, but since it was a non-skill systems hack, it was quite tedious to organise all of the resources into an isolated folder. Since I’ve done it now, I thought I’d save anyone else who wants to implement growth options the trouble of having to do it all themselves by just sharing my folder.

If you’re using febuilder, just go to insert ea and select the “GrowthGetters.event” file. Nothing else is required, the rest is done for you from there. If you’re using buildfiles, you probably know what you’re doing anyway lol, just #include the “GrowthGetters.event” file.

The flags are set to:
0% growths - global flag ED
100% growths - global flag EE
Fixed growths - global flag EF

Credit to skill systems for the fixed growth flag and credit to @Sme for the 0% and 100% growth flags. Also, thanks to @Contro for helping me out with this.

Download the file here: