[FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (v3 by Pushwall - 1-Oct-22)

I have only played vision quest once during lockdown and it was my first romhack ever, Absolutely lovely experience, Even if I don’t remember much of the story since its been like 3 years I know I was invested. One woman who stand out to me tho was Zoya! Still remember her killing her sister, her cheese and wine conversation with Lesley and me seeing her in the screenshots section and being like “I hope she’s recruitable” and being amazed by her portrait lmao. A little sad that her endings are realistic, thought she would’ve gotten the guy she wanted or anything that is basically like “She finally got what she have dreamt about for years, a really giant imported cheese wheel and comfortably ate it with [support] during the anniversary of her sisters death” or something lol

Anyways here’s some quick fanart from last year and about three days ago
Last year


Was gonna make more fanart of Bulan and Natsuko but drawing tablet broke lmao sorry


is anyone having the same problem as me? my screen turn black and freeze after Storch’s got his promotion item. The previous patch was not like this🥲

out of topic, Bulan,Sri,Dewi,Zuljalal,Surya and Ruslan sound like Malaysian-Indonesian and a state called Kuching actually exist. Are you asean?

Ooooh great Zoya fanart, massive love on that :heart_eyes:
Ah, about Malaysian-Indonesian names, I was mostly responsible for those because I’m from Indonesia. iirc Pandan also consulted about Indonesian names for some characters, like Kir’s wife.
Also correction; Kuching is not a state, but a city in Malaysia.


Hi, does anyone know how Vision Quest applies Hard Mode bonuses? I’ve been trying to calculate it with respect to bosses but I’m having a hard time with it.

If you crack open FEBuilder and look at the “chapter editor”, you can see the number of autolevels applied for hard mode in each chapter.

I didn’t disable variance, so the numbers may not always be consistent, so enemies and player units loaded in with hard mode bonuses may have some variation in their stats on each reload.

Hi, I’ve had a few people ask me about applying my growth modes select patch (below) to Vision Quest, so rather than having to explain it each time, I decided to share a ups patch with the patch already applied (no other changes have been made). This allows you to select between random growths, fixed growth, 0% growths and 100% growths at the start of the game.

download ups patch:


thank you very much my friend

hey so i got a bug where natsuko won t level up past 10 any fixes

My apologies, but I have not played this hack, so I do not have a fix for you. All I did was apply the patch, and check that it worked correctly. I have not encountered any bugs with the patch in other roms, so it is likely something to do with Vision Quest. Either the patch conflicts with something or it is an external bug.

This is a good game, but it also has one of the worst main character of any RPGs I’ve ever played! He has constant mood swings, he constantly changes his mind for stupid, childish reasons, he talks about having to “process” things, which I’ve never heard any man ever say, he has to be constantly reassured by his companions, because he has no conviction to speak of, he keeps repeating that he wants things to go back to the way they were, again like a child. If I had to identify a problem with this game, the MC would definitely be it!

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Yes! I hate when my commoner lord has second thoughts about killing people and overthrowing government! They (red army) are clearly bad and should die!!


… Care to elaborate or are we just gonna let this casual sexist remark pass?

also no, not being Ephraim doesn’t make a protagonist bad it makes them better. What you are describing is Ephraim, a boring and unappealing protagonist who is not seen as having any flaws by the story itself.

Storch is not Marth, he is not Ephraim, and he’s not even Ike.


Oh no! The protagonist of a game has… second thoughts about leaving everything he knows to kill people and engage in political affairs? what a travesty!


I think we can compare him to Ike. The only real difference between Storch and Ike is their upbringings that makes Ike more used to death and leadership (even if it’s little experience and the beggining), as he is a merc, while Storch is a farmer and clearly not used to this things. Probably the best main character we have had in the official games no cap.


I feel like the comparison is very surface level. They’re of the ‘‘common man’’ not being of noble birth who slowly rises in social standing through their connections and achievements in battle. Storch’s development is much different I feel, his characterization is much more focused on nostalgia and longing for the past. Especially in part one where one of the gaidens is literally a recollection of the past through a dream.

Although I can very much see the comparison even if I disagree with it.


I just played through Vision Quest.
This is the first Fire Emblem Romhack I played, thus making it the best Fire Emblem Romhack I ever played by default.
But still, this game has been a really good time.

It really feels official in many ways, If someone told me this game was official, I would believe them. (Other than the Music being from many different games, but I don’t mind it at all. As the music has been very good as a result.)

While at first I was dissapointed by the story after starting out with a group of thieves going into more “normal fire emblem” territory I still was very happy with it. Although it is a shame that due to this game not getting a sequel, part of the game won’t be resolved. But still, the story is nice and works on it’s own.

The Maps are the core of the game and I have to say. They are pretty good, although they are very similar. I especially love the item economy, how you get good resources early. You actually made me use some items I else would never use. I usually never use rescue, but in this my rescue broke! I guess part of it is because so far I didn’t play the harder games of the series. But still, many games should take this “Give resources early, allow for them to be used through the game.”

So… I want to give some criticism too. Although I think for what it is: A game for those who want constant peak Fire Emblem it is pretty good. The only thing I really think is missing is the split promotion system, which gave the player more choice with the units. It’s a system that is limiting enough that units remain themselves but it would also be something where the player can adjust to their needs better, something that may happen in an ironman run.

But still, the game is great.
You made something great. You can be proud of yourself.


What does a it mean for a weapon to be Prf? I’m assuming that means preferred right? Does it give bonuses if used by the preferred user?

Also I got to chapter 4 and I think I realized there isn’t a way to repair weapons. I used up alot of some characters prf weapons to almost the point of depletion. Should I bother restarting? I assumed I could repair and just used them willy nilly

It means only the units specified can use it. Like Lyn with her mani katti or Marth with his rapier

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As Ghost said. And don’t bother restarting, resources exist to be used.

Oh yeah.
There is one small nitpick I had.
In many maps the reinforcements would be of another weakness than what is shown.
You cannot see that you need to bring a Horseslayer if the Horse units are reinforcements.
I think it would be better to represent all types of units in the starting layout so the player can see what effective weapons to bring.

But that is a pretty minor thing all things considered. But it would help blind playthroughs and make reinforcements more fair. (Although they are already very fair.)

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