Fire Emblem: Three Legacies (WIP, 21 chapters plus some gaidens complete so far)


  • A few bug fixes
    – Fixed some events freezing when skipping
    – Fixed a music error in chapter one
    – Ongoing world map event cleanup
    – Fixed Ares not having the Blessed Sword he was supposed to join with
    – Fixed the Jay-Yuri talk convo in chapter 6 reducing Jay’s sword rank instead of increasing it
    – Fixed the chapter 6 castle not being fly-able terrain
  • Tinker has been reworked – instead of being a trainee unit, she now starts as a level 1 Engineer, with stats adjusted accordingly. The Proto Sword is no longer obtainable.
  • Viskam tomes are technically no longer unbreakable, now having only 25 uses – still basically impossible to stall out. They’re also locked to the Engineer class line. Why? Tinker now joins with one! Funny earlygame siege tome definitely won’t cause balance issues…
  • Enemy Myrmidons and Swordmasters now have better Res and worse Def
  • Alexander’s unpromoted class now uses Leo_Link’s Noble Lance Cav animation instead of the normal Cavalier animation
  • A handful of characters have received minor updates to their portraits, mainly adding shiny highlights on their hair.
  • Some other stat adjustments:
    – Alexander -1 Def
    – Jasper +2 Strength, -5% Def growth
    – Melanie -2 Res, -10% Res growth
    – Lysithea -5 HP, +3 Res, no longer uses Staves or Anima but can now use Light (base D)
    – Ven -10% HP growth, -5% Def growth
    – Titan -10% Magic growth
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The dreaded Melanie nerf

Also is lysithea a bishop now or what? dark and light I assume?

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Melanie was nerfed to make her primary weakness (extreme vulnerability to magic) more pronounced. It’s a small nerf overall that does basically nothing to the physical matchups she wants to be facing, I just wanted to make sure that her weakness stayed as a weakness since her combination of high Speed+high Def can make her dangerously hard to kill once trained, even with her bad HP.

As for Lysithea, her class has technically been renamed to “Dark Scholar”, but for the most part it’s the same as Gremory, AKA female Sorcerer, and it has the same mastery skill (Malefic Aura). But for a few reasons I decided that I wanted to change her weapon types, specifically:

  • Her having staff access plus her high magic stat was giving her too much base utility competing with the earlygame mages. Taking away her staff use restores the value of promoting Caitlyn, Bishop Sophia, Gremory Willow, and/or Seraph Anna for an extra staff user.
  • Swapping Anima for Light was mainly a case of “well, in 3H itself she uses dark and light, not dark and anima”, but also:
    – giving her light magic helps against the enemy dark mages in chapters 9x/10, since while she’s now even more vulnerable to physical attacks than she used to be, she can take on enemy mages
    – it gives her a chance to build to Seraphim rank for chapter 10’s monsters (she starts at D and has 8x, 9, and 9x to get there if you want it)
    – it lets her access the cavalry-effective tome (funny dark spikes reference)
    – it means she no longer offers competition for access to anima tomes like Sagittae and Aircalibur (even if her base rank was too low to get them for a while), since access to those tomes is a big deal for setting Caitlyn and other anima users apart from the plethora of dark mages.

Obligatory advertisement to use ma girl Melanie

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Bugfix: Forgot to change the events around Tinker’s recruitment in chapter 5 to reference her new unit ID, they’ve been fixed to work properly now

Fixed a few more bugs related to Tinker’s unit ID change, fixed Jahid’s battle palettes, and added the patch allowing stealing with a full inventory.

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  • Yet another fix with Tinker’s unit ID (death quote wasn’t showing)
  • Melanie can now properly promote with a Master Seal


  • Chapter 6x is now unlocked automatically so long as Caitlyn is still alive instead of requiring the talk convo with Yuri
  • Chapter 19x is now unlocked automatically so long as Anna is still alive instead of requiring visiting the Inn with her in Chapter 16x.