Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade 'Remake' [FE6 in FE8] [COMPLETE]

just like this

i switch to vbam,but nothing change.

Really nice work!
Hope some more couple ED could be added in the next update.
Like Chad and Cath, Lugh and Raigh, Rutger and Clarine…
Anyway, thanks for the wonderful projects!

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Hello, i’m here to report some bug.
First of all, we have the two-range attack of the War Monk who freeze the game.
And the tiena’s staff who doesn’t have the good music and give only (Magic)*HP to the target unlike its description who supposed to give (Magic +15)HP
And the skill vengeance who doesn’t work correctly
For the last bug i found, it’s a graphic bug: when i has 40 characters, the sprites in the list of characters can be wrong/bugged.

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Now, i’m here to give suggestion to make your hackrom more pleasant to play:
-first, create a sheet where all the growth rates, max stats, recruitment are easy to access
-create a second sheet for the items locations and the shops
That’s all i think it’s missing and that’s i think it will be good

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Hey, so just a heads up, but the alert stance skill doesn’t work properly

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Are we able to send home characters only on chapter 8x? Also, which would be the best characters to send home? Is there any consensus about this? I’m certainly sending home all the fighters, since I don’t want suicidal classes.

You can send home characters every chapter after 8/8x, and the characters you want to send are up to you, there’s no real answer about who’s best to send home, also the spirit dusts are a good incentive

I know it’s up to me, but, since this is the first time I’m playing FE6, I was wondering if some of the characters were more useful than others, in particular regarding the story and the recruitment of other characters down the line. For example, is there any character that can be recruited, but not by Roy? I would consider the one that can recruit that as more important than others.

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In Vanilla FE6, there were a lot of units that stood out from the rest. Marcus, Rutger, and Perceval to name a few. Those were the “best” units in Vanilla FE6 and made your playthrough a lot easier. However, as to regards as to what you said, “regarding the story” there are a handful of units that have a lot of presence in the story of FE6 and therefore could be seen as “more important” than others (even though you should really just play who you like tbh lol): Roy, Lilina, Fae, Cecilia, Sophia, Larum, Elffin, Guinivere are the ones that have very important roles in the story. There’s also the case of the side chapter units which are needed in order to get the true ending (including the ones I’ve already listed):

Lilina for Chapter 8x
Elffin for Chapter 12x
Sophia for Chapter 14x
Douglas for Chapter 16x
Zelot and Juno for Chapter 20x
Zeiss and Melady for Chapter 21x

Douglas (Technically)

I’m actually kind of glad you asked this. A lot of people don’t know who to recruit and use on their first playthrough. My personal preference on the units I like to use are the ones that Intellegent Systems actually bothered to put in Fire Emblem Heroes lol. Just to list a few:
Roy, Lilina, Wolt, Shanna, Dieck, Sue, Gonzalez, Guinivere, Sophia, Chad, Larum, Elffin, and Fae.

But, remember: Play whoever you want. At the end of the day, it’s your save file so you get to do whatever you want. Experiment and maybe even replay the game and pick different units on the second playthrough. I did my very best to make all units playable and not be as unbalanced like Vanilla FE6. :slight_smile:


Many thanks for the reply!
Regarding the characters that can be recruited, but not by Roy, though, more than who they are, it would be useful to know who can recruit them, so that I don’t get rid of them, or at least I know what I’m gonna miss if I do.
So, for example:
Clarine → Rutger (where ‘->’ means ‘recruits’)

Lilina → Gonzalez and Garret
Noah → Fir
Sue → Sin
Larum → Echidna and Perceval (the latter can also be recruited by Elffin)
Clarine → Rutger and Klein
Klein → Thea
Chad or Lugh → Raigh
Thea, Shanna or Zelot → Juno
Bartre or Fir → Karel
Melady → Zeiss and Galle
Cecilia, Perceval, Larum or Elffin → Douglas (he won’t join in his chapter, he just has to stay alive until you seize the throne)

These are the ones off my mind, apologies if I’m missing someone.

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This is very useful to know, many thanks!

By the way, I have to say, so far (chapter 8), this is masterfully done, congrats! I also like your class system, at least in general (glaring exception are fighters, imo, but nevertheless… Actually, I might end up patching that class for my runs, but don’t worry, I won’t distribute that to anybody, I’ll just use it for myself). Also, this FE8-based hack has the best skill system trigger presentation I’ve seen so far. It shows the name of the skill and its icon; simple, clean and to the point. The other hacks I’ve seen either have only the sound or an horrible hand-written name of the skill appearing on the screen. This is much better. Did you use a second patch to get this result or is it a specific version of the skill system?

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The showing of the name of the skill and its icon is implemented into the latest version of the Skill Systems patch. As for the skill animation visual effect that plays, I imported them seperately to replace the →

and got them from the FE Repo skill proc animations.


Stat caps for some classes verge on nonsensical, though, to be honest.
Marchioness (lilina’s promoted class): Max Pow = 30, Max Mag = 30
Master Lord (Roy’s promoted class): Max Pow = 27, Max Mag = 25

So, Lilina can have both much more power and magic than Roy?! How does that make any sense?
Oh well, I’m changing all stat caps and skills that Roy gets.

She is Hector’s little girl


My reasoning for Lilina having a higher stat cap for her Str / Mag is simply because she’s supposed to be hard hitting like her father in FE7. The trade off for this higher Str / Mag cap is her lower Spd (23) and Def (20) cap compared to Roy.
Roy is meant to be a jack of all trades, and specialize in all stats which is why in Vanilla FE6, everything but his HP and Luck cap at 25.

I like to talk about this because it’s a call back to Cecilia’s support conversation with Lilina, it’s said that Roy wanted to study magic, but Cecilia noticed that Roy just didn’t have the talent for it. So she instead taught him the sword. The lower Mag cap is just a little easter egg to Roy not having a talent for magic lol.


I really love the attention to detail on the animations for so many story-important characters!

I really hope I’m not overstepping my bounds when I say this, but is there any possibility in the future of Guinivere getting her own animation? It seems kind of out of place that she’d have a unique class and unique sprite but use the default sage animation.

Maybe… :shushing_face: