Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade 'Remake' [FE6 in FE8] [COMPLETE]

More stuff.

Crit chance discrepancy.

Is it intended that Roy can use the Wo Dao? It says it’s myrmidon only…

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I saw that you guys are uisng my Elimine portrait. May I suggest you use this updated version? I forgot to submit this to the repo


That looks good! It’s a big improvement and I love the little hair accessory!

But it seems like this project is not very alive right now, and while it was last updated this year at least, the last one was almost 6 months ago, and shown as “complete”, and the op last sent a message last month. So I don’t imagine that would be added to a new patch (and posted) this year, even. I’d love to be wrong.

And I’d do this myself if I could but, as crazy as it sounds, have no access to a pc right now. I really need one for many reasons.
I’m new so I’m not sure if this is against any rules? (Not like this is already a rip or anything tho, noooo ofc not lmao. But that’s fine. I want to play Binding Blade on the Sacred Stones base-game over FE7 anyway) But if someone could add just the Elimine update into a patch and share it with me, I’d be most grateful. :pray:t3:

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Hi! We are still working on the next update, we just need a little more time. Thank you for understanding and for your patience :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh! There is gonna be an update soon? That is exciting!

Ah okay, my bad!! Yeah I saw that comment, but thank you for the clarification, consider me reassured.

I will wait patiently for this and check back occasionally/when I can for the next update! Thank you. I have plenty to keep me occupied until then(:

That is weird… I’ll have to fix that as soon as I can then

The reason as to why Roy can use Wo Dao is because Eirika in Sacred Stones could use the Shamshir (Wo Dao’s counterpart). However, looking at it now makes me realize since Roy couldn’t use it in vanilla FE6, maybe he shouldn’t have to use it in the “remake” either lol.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for catching these typos :pray:

Here: Fire Emblem - Binding Blade 'Remake' Hotfix with Elimine 10.16.2023

I was able to add in the updated Elimine portrait among a few other hotfixes. I’ll be doing my very best to get the the next big update out as soon as I can. :slight_smile:


How many hotfixes are in this patch?

Probably only with the updated Elimine portrait

In Ch.12, I captured the boss and take the dragonstone. And I gave it to Fae in Ch.16, when every turn started, she recover some HP, but she didn’t lose any HP, and the recovery over her full HP. And press R to see her HP, is normal.
For example, her full HP is 32, every turn starts, she recover some HP, like her full HP is over 40, but actually no.
I don’t know whether this is a problem.

Hello, in chapter 11 Robarts appears as a reinforcement boss in normal mode, while in vanilla FE6 he only appears when you are playing hard mode. I don’t know if this is a bug or intended

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It’s me again. Game decided to freeze in chapter 16 in the intro cutscene, as someone else reported before. I’m playing John GBA emulator as well and as of now the bug keeps happening even if I try to skip it. Guess it can’t be helped

It’s the emulator problem. The error in chapter 16 can be fixed using the MGBA emulator as an option.

  • others hacks already reported the same freezing problem in some point…so yeah, use the MGBA :+1:
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Hey, it’s me again for another bug report, sorry. I ended up switching the emulator for mGBA and so far so good. But for some reason, in chapter 22 Fir and Noah were having their A support but then Noah decided he loved Clarine instead, and she and Fir switched mid convo. Besides that the conversation was fine, but it was hilarious


It’s incredible! I don’t know if you’re working on this project anymore but I think u should use Nuramon’s armored hero sprite, It would match with your new warrior sprite. Your work is fantastic!

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Something weird happened in Chapter 18 Ilia. I didn’t seize, but the map ended automatically. It was around turn 14. The boss was long dead.

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I found a bug in Ch 16 where Douglas is a red unit. In vanilla FE6, Douglas is programmed to never attack Laram or Elphin. I found that after I had Elphin talk to Douglas (and Laram too but I don’t think it matters), his AI switched to what looks like the Project Ember AI where Douglas will either move adjacent to a blue unit, or will attack someone he is already adjacent to. In this case, I let Douglas stand next to Elphin, and then Douglas killed Elphin in one round on enemy phase. I assume he would do the same to Laram, but I didn’t test it.

Hi ZeN2002 !

First of all, thank you for the enormous amount of work that went into transcribing FE6 into FE8 with its new options.

I’m currently working on the FE6 rom to offer a French translation and I was thinking of making, after, an alternative version called DX with additions like Hector’s defeat at the very beginning of the game, playable Guinivere etc.

As I was thinking of including Renault, Matthew, Pent, Louise and Lyn, I was wondering if you’d mind if I reused some of your events, as is and/or modified.

What do you think ?

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thank you for the patch
but i have one problem in Ch.21.
char frome FE7 show up in the diag.
but in battle,only eliwood and lowen left,
the other units disappear.
was it a bug or just designed?
i use mgba core in the retroarch