Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade 'Remake' [FE6 in FE8] [COMPLETE]

Hmm…that’s strange too. Hope ZeN can check this out later. I don’t remember if I used Amorslayer or Hammer to get past chapters 2 and 3, so I apologize for not being able to help with that. :pensive:

just finished playing the main story of the hack, and needless to say, even on normal mode. I had so much fun! This hack far surpassed my expectations and then some! Idunn and Zephiel were definitely a real set of last bosses that did not disappoint! I’m happy with how this hack turned out and I look forward to see what else gets added or otherwise! Massive props to you for making a great port hack of FE6!

hey, are you planning on adding FE7’s Mark -The Tactician to this hack?, I think it’ll be interesting when he becomes part of the story and he’s playable

The animation is fixed. I also fixed a bug in the mercenary’s handaxe animation.

In my personal opinion, I think Mark being a playable character might even be interesting, but as ZeN explained in the past, it’s a little tricky to add new playable units now because of the limit of the ROM itself. Of course, the parts of sending units home can open up this possibility, but in return, you would have to give up more units…
So I think that for the moment, to remedy this situation, we can suggest that Lyn quotes about her friend from the past who could help Roy in leading the army, but being a strategist who travels to different places improving your techniques, it would be difficult to find.

I don’t know if this has already been addressed but I just finished playing through this hack and noticed that on several of the gaiden chapters the eight generals didn’t spawn when they were supposed to. Specifically, Roland and Athos spawned properly but saint Elimine, Durban, and the wielder of Mulagir didn’t spawn. (I didn’t get Apocalypse or the legendary lance because I accidently got Zelot killed early on and same with Melady…) When they were supposed to spawn, the dialogue with their sprite appeared but the throne was left empty and so I could just seize and end the chapter. In the case of the Mulagir chapter, routing all the enemies would end the chapter. This bug isn’t game breaking because the game can be continued regardless but it is a shame to miss out on fighting some of the eight generals.

This seems to happen at random. I’ve had it sometimes, and others they spawn just fine.

Okay why the heck does Dorothy have such busted growths? 65 in both strength and speed? Thats a but much…

Yes yes reduce it to 35 so i can happily kill her or send her home (just so u know i hate her)

Question, why do the unit keep support of those who’ve been sent home?

Cause the units don’t officially die and so their supports don’t get cleared like on a death

So…I ended up using an old save state where I was in chapter 13x, and proceeded normally until I reached chapter 21 with Zeiss and Melady alive again…and proceeded to chapter 21x as it should have always been!

I really wonder if I was an isolated case and/or if this bug I mentioned before happened due to some kind of incompatibility between my old save with the new update, but at all, I want to apologize a lot if by any chance I discouraged someone from continuing your gameplay due to this report… :pensive:

but above all, I would like to express my satisfaction and joy for being able to actively participate in this update, and I hope to be able to help @ZeN2002 more in future updates. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Issue I noticed: Fir’s version of the Hero class can’t use the Wo Dao. Considering it’s exclusive to her, that’s a bit of an issue in my opinion.

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Are supports still included and if so any new ones added?

I am generally enjoying this game. One feedback though… I let Ward die (while holding the hammer) and this made chapter 3 hard mode a real chore.

It took Marcus >12 hits using a silver lance (4 dmg each hit) to kill the boss, and armor slayer and rapier were basically not viable because of the swordbreaker ability giving the boss +50 hit and avo against sword uses. Dieck (hand axe) and Wolt (prf bow) were even supporting from the side. Nothing strategic here, just stupidly thick and ridiculously agile. I don’t think a chapter 3 boss ought to be so ridiculously difficult to kill.

How do you patch this.i use sacred stones and binding blade original

Download a clean vanilla Fire Emblem Sacred Stones ROM and make sure it’s from the US. You’ll know if it ends in “[U]”. Afterwards, you can use a program like NUPS or an online GBA ROM patcher.

Thanks.wish could fav units

Can you add fixed growths please? or it is a really hard work to implement? Because thia hack has the skill system, i cannot simply patch it with fe builder.

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Might just be my emulator (EZ Flash Omega) but Narcian’s pallet seems off, with some bright red spots on the Wyvern’s wing (and the colors on his axe).

How to fix bug in chapter 16? I crash when load the story and can’t skip it to avoid bug. Please tell me how to fix it