Help With My Patch/Hack FE6 Extreme

My FE6 hack is 100% complete however I wish to include certain magic tomes which are present in FE7 but not FE6.

Can someone help me with this? I don’t know how to add spells/magic animation in FE Builder.

I’d like magic tomes like Shine, Luna, Excalicur, etc to be included in my hack.
Here’s a link to my direct MediaFire with the UPS patch:

Whoever can help me with this I greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

P.S. Please PM me the updated patch with those magical additions :wink:

Adding magic animations isn’t as simple as battle animations. Vanilla magic animations are pretty hardcoded, so you can’t just drop them from one game to another, unfortunately. There are some custom magic animations that exist, but they were made using a completely new system from the vanilla ones ( [FE6/7/8] Circles' Spell Animation Creator [UPDATED TO V1.1] to be specific).

So, to get those magic animations in FE6 you’d have to recreate them in CSA Creator format, which would take some work.

If you’re lucky, some people might have already done so - check the repository ( ).

Using FEBuilder to insert custom magic animations into FE6 often causes the game to be unable to save. When this happens and you try to save, the game hard freezes. FE6 just doesn’t have much support.

I see… Well I was able to change a lot and implement a bunch of things in FE6. I highly recommend that you consider playing my hack FE6 Extreme :slight_smile:

You could report this to 7743 (with a report.7z) so he has a chance to fix it.

I already have awhile back. His solution was to uninstall the custom magic table patch. There may be another way to insert custom magic animations, but from my experience the patch with FEBuilder doesn’t work for FE6.

Ah, okay. I don’t use FEBuilder to modify ROMs or touch FE6 so I wouldn’t have known. I just said it because sometimes people bring these things up without reporting them.

Thank you guys for you guys feedback and comments. But could someone take a look at my hack and see if there’s anything to adjust of if there’s room for improvement?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I use FE Builder because it’s easy to use. You can see pictures and it’s easy to navigate. With Nightmare for example I don’t know where to start.

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