Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Weapon Reversal

Fixed 2 bugs. One that caused the game to crash on promoting Amelia, and another that made female brigands weak to bows and horseslayers.

Fixed an issue that caused Forde to brake music and that had Neimi and Lute play boss music in combat. Also made the female Hero animation play the throwing axe animation when… Throwing an axe.

Removed talk bubbles to increase performance. Also added a version that has no HP bars if you can’t deal with a chapter or 2 of lag at the start due to 50 enemies in something like Darkling Woods.

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Final (likely) palette related update. Palettes for all playable characters are done! Thanks @Teraspark !


It seems that whenever I’m in a skirmish and a gargoyle attacks the game crashes. I’m guessing this has to do with skirmishes being unedited, but gargoyles themselves having undergone some changes?

Combat entirely froze up for me when Vanessa (as a Brigand) doubled one of the weird Sword Pirates (the ones with Female Merc map sprites)

Marisa starts moving immediatly in chapter 10 instead of waiting for the event, though I’m not sure if thats intentional.

Gargoyle’s combat animations do indeed crash the game (even in the class roll on the title screen)

Other than those few minor issues this hack is great!

Yeah Gargoyle’s are not supposed to be in the game. Maybe this is a unintentional way of saying no grinding? Also yeah the Sword Pirate/Brigand is really jank. Not a good animation and I wish I had something better to use.

New patch. Added in female shaman map sprite and an animation for female summoners. Also new weapon icons for the twins prf weapons! Weapon icons thanks to @2WB


One more patch, includes palettes and the mechanic you all deserve.

Vanessa can now steal like the rest of the brigands in this game. Your welcome now Ross can go Myrmidon without worry.

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I recommend renaming the Rapier to ‘Pike’ or something similar.

Or Hasta

New update. Mainly quality of life but actually quite a few fixes.


  • Dozla is now a Rogue in Eirika’s route
  • Devil Sword has a proper name and weapon rank
  • Promotion items now work on intended classes.
  • Chapter 18 Eirika Route has been fixed to not contain Gargoyles.
  • Battle stats without animations on



Some essential fixes all around.

Selena no longer summons like the Demon King does in endgame.
Several units that had improper weapons now have proper weapons.
Messed around with Ephraim route endgame but dont worry about that.

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New patch, venture into the spoiler if you wish to know what happened.

Thanks @2WB for the icons :smiley:



Emergency patch to make Eirika end game beatable again. I dont understand why stats are different between 2 routes to such a degree.


Dozla is now a rogue properly in Ephraim route, and has weapons he can use.


Dude calm down

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You guys have done it.

Weapon Reversal has reached 1k+ downloads (including the no HP bars and other random versions)!
On this note I’m going to make an announcement.

Thats right, the tower of Valini, Lagdou Ruins, and the Melkaen Coast are all coming your way!
Thanks so much for everyone for playing this simple reskin, it means a lot to me!


Will you be doing one for FE7 once this one is fully complete? I had a blast playing this and always like a different kind of run through these games.

I’m hype. I might be part of the super minority, but I’m hype for CC! And I do look forward to it.