Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

Been sitting on this collection of weapon icons for a while now, a mix of vanilla edits and custom sprites designed to fit the vanilla art style. F2U and F2E.

Dowload: Dropbox - Weapon Icons F2U-F2E - Simplify your life

Umbra  (Kyrads) Iron Poleaxe (Kyrads) Moonlight Greatsword (Kyrads)
Javelin Alt (Kyrads) Steel Halberd (Kyrads) Slim Axe (Kyrads)
Steel Poleaxe Alt (Kyrads) Corrupt (Kyrads) Dagger (Kyrads)


Uhm… more random stuff I guess. Half-half on what’s old and new.

Old stuff first, portraits that I never did frames for and weapon type icons for daggers and stones.

There’s a random music thing for U.N. Squadron’s “Frontline Base”, it’s intended to have instrument 83 replaced with the ‘Distortion Guitar’ (29) from Powerful Foe, so if you want it to sound proper there’s that. I don’t know how looping works though so it’s probably only useful as like battle music.

Aaaand other new stuff, another AI-flavoured portrait and animations.
For this lady you’ll need to mug exceed patch thing to get her wing properly.

And two main animation things, Kemomimi version of one of the Hunter animations, and a staff animation for the Salvaged-style Titania.

There’s also a simple edit for Titania animations so there are versions without the entry, while I adore the entry, it’s just to make it more uniform with everything else not having one-- I hardly deserve credit for doing something so simple as removing entry animations though.


Been a while, tried my hand at a villain this time
(thanks btw to busk for the help with the face shape cleanup + the expression on the second one)
As usual, F2E


Doot - Myrmidame (repal by amema003) Doot - Myrmidame (bonus repal by amema003)
Doot’s swordswoman from EDGE, now with a palette reduced to 16. (also HOLY CANNOLI IS THAT A MOTHERFUCKING NAVARRE/PHINA REFERENCE)
Flasuban, GratedShtick, CardCafe, Nickt - Dignified Nobleman Bust-Up Flasuban, GratedShtick, CardCafe, Nickt - Dignified Nobleman Halfbody
Flasuban’s noble/pirate-looking guy with a palette reduced to 16, plus a bust-up version. (Uses parts from GratedShtick, CardCafe and Nickt’s Astram halfbody)

Frames for frameless EDGE mugs (all by JiroPaiPai):
JiroPaiPai - Erk the King of Edge (Frames by amema003)
JiroPaiPai - Firithea the Executioner (frames by amema003)
JiroPaiPai - World-Weary Saleh (frames by amema003)
JiroPaiPai - Pirate the Swagmaster (frames by amema003)


I wasn’t going to put it here and just leave it in my thread, but…

Fighter (M) Bow {VelvetKitsune, Spud, Jj09}Fighter (M) Bow {VelvetKitsune, Spud, Jj09}
Mage (F) Hoodless {L95}image
Camel Rider (M) Lance {Orihara Saki}image
Paladin (F) SALVAGED Axe {Shtick, SALVAGED}image

Fixed 60 class cards from the Repo that had over 16 colors. Really wish it was more than just me that loved fixing things, but still.

The Salvaged Pal Bow by VelvetKitsune Sir_Dadou and RobertFPY had too many colors, but there was additionally no room to color reduce, at which point I just gave up. That’s the only one that’s still broken that I couldn’t find ANY room to color reduce further for.

For one sprite, a Sage, I added a custom version that re-adds the Sage gold cape trim. This is the only thing I want credit for, since it’s an additional sprite. (left has the trim on the cape)
Sage (M) Battle Sage Sword (Cape Trim) {Aruka, Yggdra}Sage (M) Battle Sage Sword {Aruka, Yggdra}

I refuse to touch any of the meme class cards - if the amogus is broken, neat, I really don’t feel like fixing that one.

DO NOT CREDIT ME FOR THIS. Keep my name off anything that isn’t explicitly already listed with my name in this folder. Seriously.


dropping my last batch of Final Fantasy VII stuff before taking another break.
here’s the latest revamped mug:

Sephiroth (default, angry, enraged, creepy)

FF7R - Sephiroth Fenreir FF7R - Sephiroth angry Fenreir FF7R - Sephiroth enraged Fenreir FF7R - Sephiroth happy Fenreir

main cast of the Remake’s 1st part: done.
rest of the main cast: coming sometime in the distant future.


a spliced fe15 mila (f2e)

Also f2e


Using the gbafegirl and gbafeboy that 7743 put on google colab, i’ve been recreating the characters from the Shantae series of games as GBA FE halfbodies. All of them took a lot of cleaning but i’m pretty happy with them.

Hopefully these aren’t too risqué, I was more or less working with what the AI gave me
Shantae Take 4Sky V2.2RottytopsBoloKyokoMisakoPatricia Wagon HatPatricia Wagon No HatsquidsmithTukiRisky Boots HalfbodyTinkerbatHolly LingerbeanBarracuda JoeTwitchVinegarNega Shantae

Here is also a before and after of the AI generated portrait compared to the final portrait.

Before and After

Portrait Collection


Sage (F) Battle Sage Sword {L95, Leif}-stand
Sage (F) Battle Sage Sword {L95, Leif}-walk

Edited L95’s M!Battle Sage set and made a female version that can be put in the repository.


Made a shitpost spell animation for a 1 map hack with friends last summer.

The spell animation’s script calls sound effect 346, which was overwritten with the .wav in the folder. It’s the part of Off The Meds - Ekse where the guy says “Have sex ekse” at the start of the scene. The sound effect .wav lasts around 8 seconds, the same as the spell animation’s duration.


The Lion awakens…


WH40K - Lion El Jonson
FE Lion El Jonson


I edited one of the griffin rider’s walk animations and removed the rider from it. Also edited the Griffin Rider’s class card. I’m planning on doing the same for the combat animations, but that is a bit more complicated. If anyone has done combat anim edits and wants to teach me how to do it, send me a message or post on my thread.

Griffon Rider (U) Bow- Edited No Rider {N426}-walk
Griffon Rider (U) Bow - Edited No Rider -{N426}-stand
Edited No Rider Arbalest (F) Bow {EldritchAbomination, N426, Jj09}



Coach L4D2


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Here have my first Fire Emblem Engage sprite


Fire Emblem Engage - Saphir
FE Saphir


I made this Hoodless Druid (F) map sprite, being a merge of the vanila sprite and the Summoner sprite (F) made by VelvetKitsune.
Druid (F) Hoodless -stand
Druid (F) Hoodless-walk

And I also made this recolour of Adult Rebecca’s Mugshot, credits by Spoon_Rhythm and Teelvade
Portrait Editor For ZeN.gba_198@C6 Rebecca_011E66BC rebeca


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Made a knife-wielding nomad class. This is the overworld sprite. I was aiming to replicate the Grassrunner class from Berwick Saga.
Grassrunner (F) Sword {Leif}-stand
Grassrunner (F) Sword {Leif}-walk

Here is an alternate mage class card that has a fire ball instead of a lightning bolt.
Fire Mage (M) Hood Magic {Leif}


I made this variation of the Marshall class animations made by @Nuramon : Big hand axe (or can be used more for the Tomahawk).
(New link generated because some frames were wrong, but now it’s fixed)

I also made this Elibe Fire Emblem’s item icon…
The Elibe Fire Emblem

And lastly, this variation of the T2 Roy Redesign Map Sprites now with a sword tip glow, originally made by @Jeorge_Reds .


Scripted Leo_Link’s sword and axe cavaliers from this thread and added long hair/“female but not really because all I changed was the hair” variants for both.


The sword cav was also given its own hair colour instead of sharing the horse colour; a little fidelity there was lost because it originally had 3 shades and the animation only had 2 spare shades, but them’s the breaks, I’d rather have the hair separate.