Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

@3n1x That animation is not in the repo. It also looks terrible and tacky but maybe someone will animate it idk.

Nikitaw, tons of animations haven’t loaded properly. Just report when you find them.


Moving on, we have five new anims.

Jaffar, by Greentea and animated by Nuramon.

Lloyd, which has 4 animations for sword attacks but I’ll probably remove two of them once I figure out if they’re duplicates or whatever.

Made by Greentea, animated by Der.

And another Greentea animation, also formatted by Nuramon! Limstella Sage!


If you find animations with the new repo, assume it’s google drive being a FUCKING CUNT and let me know. Thanks guys! <3


I edited the Ike Ranger map sprites to convert them into ones that could be used for the Greil lord unit. All I did was change the colors and got rid of the goofy headband tassels. I took the colors directly from the Greil battle animation frames, so the palette is not right for import into the game. (However, FEBuilder’s import options did convert it into a decent-looking sprite.) I did make the hair darker than it is in the battle animation because it didn’t look right otherwise. Feel free to use them, improve them, or ignore them. I am not an artist, but hopefully these will be of use to someone.

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Hey! DerTheVaporeon fixed the P/Matriarch animations and the High Maguses!

You can find them both in the dropbox :slight_smile:

Original animations made by @MrNight with cleanup by @DerTheVaporeon

They loop properly in battle now, too!


Salutations FEU

Today I bring you a slightly edited Great Lord!Hector animation which I made for @Pikmin1211.

The Harbinger:

Credit: Nuramon, Linkain Arakeist (for the magical orb)


hello all people here my apost to is forum

quimera map sprite made by Me use and Like.


So, while I’m thinking about it, here’s a zip file with just a bunch of shit I’ve done, but haven’t released yet, or that I didn’t see in the google drive.
Included are: Bishop M Repalette, Brigand w/ Headband, Cleric M/F Repalette, Ghost, Mage Lord, Mercenary Repalette, Monk M/F Repalette, Poltergeist, Swordmaster M Restyle, 57 Mugs of varying quality, and the palettes for all vanilla FE6, FE7 & FE8 characters, barring any I missed.
Here’s the download


Here I am again, bringing u yet another animation.

This time the most powerful mortal creatures that ever stomped upon Tellius.

[details=The Black Dragons of Goldoa]

Credit: Nuramon[/details]

This is my second fully costum made animation and I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


True. I totally forgot about that one xD
The breath of the zombi dracos from FE8 might fit as well.

I did edit the Lute sage from the yggrda patch.

[details=Lute Sage w/ extensions]

Credit: Aruku, Kenpuhu, Nuramon


I’ve finished the sword animation for the Harbinger and added it to the Dropbox :wink:


Credit: Nuramon, Linkain Arakeist (for the magical orb)


Ooooooooooookay! I got around to finally adding all the anims from the last couple weeks.

Max from Discord made a new Speedy Speed Blader, find it in the (Swords) Myrmercidon folder. (It’s a hybrid of both, call it whatever you will)

There’s a Guy Restyle by Eldritch Abomination too!

An Arena Style Brigand by Eldritch…

SageMatthis also made an Axe-Only female merc with a skirt, but since it’s axe only I stuck it in the Axe folder. Note that it also shares the handaxe and basic axe animations in the same file, so it looks kinda weird ingame when her axe switches to a handaxe in a single frame.

Eldritch made up the majority of contributions, this round, so here’s his Mage Lord.

Nuramon’s Harbinger is in there as well!

I added a bunch of Eldritch’s repalettes for magic and sword users, but they aren’t especially noteworthy so I won’t post their images here.

What is cool is the Ghost and Poltergeist, which Eldritch made.

Nuramon made the FE10 Black Dragon as well!

And finally at a personal request from me, Nuramon also made the Lute Sage with Long Hair, which you can find in the Yggdra folders.

Original Lute for comparison.

A last-second addition was Jono the Red from LOTF’s Beta Eirika fixes. Her animation doesn’t have any SFX when she crits and she was missing a few frames, so those issues were rectified.

And that’s it! Around thirty new animations!


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To be honest I did notice that but due to the fact that it’s in the vanilla fem sage animation too and that I had very limited time at hand, I didn’t fix it till then.

[details=But this should fix it]

Credit: Aruku, Kenpuhu, Nuramon

Thank you very much :smiley:
I’m glad you do enjoy the Harbinger as much as I do xD
And yes, it is Ashnard’s Gurgurant :wink:


Does there already exist a long haired Troubadour animation somewhere? I didn’t see one in many of the FE GBA animation topics out there, including this one, but I’m not sure if there’s one floating around somewhere else or not.

Either way, I went ahead and made one.



Sup guys.

I spent the last two weeks working on an animation that I feel is more fitting for Ephraims promotion.
Good ol’ Eph is one of my fav lords in the franchise and I was so exited when I finally was able to promote him during my very first play through of FE8.
…well nearly all my exitement vanished the moment I saw his great lord animation.
In my opinion it was simply boring to watch it. I ever wanted him to be an infanterist and a badass one too.

So I decided to finally give it a try and create a more fitting animation.

And that’s the animation I want to share with you today.
I gotta admit I’m very satisfied how it turned out.

(shoutout to my colleagues from the Spritans channel :wink: thanks again for the very helpful critique!)


The unmounted Ephraim!GreatLord

Credit: Nuramon

Side note:
This package currently contains animations for spears and unarmed.
But the axe animations are in the making and sword will follow at some point too.

kind regards


Hey, me again. Made an animation for the Mercenary. Now he has a massive sword.

Download here.


Here’s another hair edit to an animation: Rangers with twintails!

Comes with the sword and unarmed animation too, of course.


Here the map Sprite


sure i go try ahh is forgoten post is for generic necromancer

Upgrade: Face edit


Submitting this.
Credit to: Me, BlueDruid, Princess Kilvas, and Nuramon


When you want to port a whole spell from Binding Blade, but CSA Creator says “no u”.

Oh well, get it here!