Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(ver1.0 final out)

This is super late but here it is. If you weren’t aware, I finished the majority of the dialogue and actually got to the epilogue and end reels. So yes for all intents and purposes the hack is finished. There are bugs and supports aren’t in yet but supports are a work in progress and we are waiting on playthroughs before we make some item adjustments here and there. But besides that Please give the hack a go and leave feedback cause I need it.
Here is the patch


and here are some screen shots


Changes from the base game:
Wyverns use axes. gain lances on promotion.
Cavaliers are split into Light and Heavy cavalry.
Light cavalry are the traditional cav, using lances and swords and promote into paladins.
Heavy cavalry use swords and axes and promote into great knights.
Knights get bows! Retain axe gain on promotion.
Playable soldiers and Halberdiers.
Weapon bonus hack added.
Weapon balance changed, bows are really scary now.
Thieves promote into rogues.
Class base stat changes.
Custom animations both original and from the community.
Different music!

Leave feedback on units, story, characters anything.
Just remember to have fun!



Good to see this is back Tact.


Ok its only been out for a bit but here’s something I feel deserve’s its own post, cause its gonna be a bit long.

So this hack was originally inspired when awakening wasn’t even out yet and I had the idea that people would make and use their own portraits.
Well it turns out getting a portrait in game and looking nice isn’t easy, and we haven’t even started with battle palettes.
So with that in mind I decided to give the first pair of alternate tacticians with battle palettes to freely insert into the game.

Feditor Portrait index 03
Unpromoted palette offset: FDA714
10 A0 00 00 00 55 53 FF 7F FF 6B 1F 4B 00 2E 19 9D 1B BF 1E 31 05 00 29 25 E7 1C A5 14 59 01 00 14 01 AE 00 69 00 A5 14

Feditor Portrait index 04
Unpromoted palette offset: 10000F0
10 A0 00 00 00 55 53 FF 7F FF 6B 1F 4B 00 2E 19 9D 1B BD 73 18 5F 00 BD 73 18 5F 6B 39 78 77 00 B1 62 AA 41 E6 24 A5 14

All you’ll need to insert these is a copy of feditor and HxD (or your hex editor of choice).
To insert the portraits open the rom with feditor go to the portrait editor and then go to the index of the corresponding tactician. Once there just load the portrait, apply, save the rom and your set.
For the battle palettes open the rom in your hex editor, copy the palette hex listed here and paste overwrite the current version(ctrl+b in HxD.) and save. Then you’ll be ready to play the game with your choice of tactician.

If you want to make and share your own tactician portraits and palettes for people to use(or just show off), feel free to post them here.

Not sure if the hack isn’t complete but right after the ending cutscene thats at chapter 13 the screen goes black so maybe the hacks either done or just a glitch

You must be using higan, cause someone else had the very same issue. Download VBAM rename your save file to .SAV and it will work.

Let me know if that fixed your problem.

Well im actually playing on myboy emulator which is on mobile phone so which emulator would i have to use…

In that case I’m not sure what to say, cause I haven’t tested any phone emulators.
Is it a dedicated gameboy advance emulator? Or does it play multiple types? Either way try a new emulator is sadly the only solution I can suggest.

Yeah it worked on vba emulator when i used it on my computer and the emulator i use on my phone is just for game boy

It just occurred that I can ask for help.
I’m looking for help with some animation business. I think need the main lord, algimas, and more importantly a late game big bad.

And to show that its not dead I have some fancy looking screen shots even if most of it just showing off some of the new purple uniforms

We are also just about done with our revamping of the earlier maps based on feedback from all over.
So the next update’ll be a big one, then its on to the finish line.

I hope you can get the help you need Tact.

As do I.
After thinking about it I also thought it might be a good idea to show off some of the updated maps.

So here are two of the updated ones, chapters 5 and 8 respectively, which I think were some of the worst offenders as far as maps go

Chapter 5 map

Chapter 8 map

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Made a rather large update for anybody whose been following.

Demo now goes to 18(22 Chapters total) and supports(mechanically no convos) have been added.

Also a bunch of balance changes.

Leave feed back on the new stuff if ya can.


Can we use our old saves?

You should be able to. But I would recommend starting over. Mainly cause of how much bases and have changed.

I got some word that the patch was busted, so its been reuploaded with a working version now.
sorry for the inconvenience.

I am having a problem with chapter 6… I load the game on VBAM (got the most updated emulator because people were saying you can’t play this hack past chapter 13 without it) and for some reason after I get my units set and ready, I go to start the level (by pressing start) and the game reverts back to the loading screen. Any suggestions?

Others were having that same problem. Redownload the patch and you’ll have the fixed version.

Beautiful! Awesome effort!

I plan on completely finishing it up this saturday but here is a patch that is basically completely done gameplay wise.

I’ve got to do the final maps dialogue as well as some from the 2nd to last and the epilogue scenes but that’s it.
If that bothers you then just wait for saturday. If not give it a go and give your feedback/feelings on it.
Supports will come at a later time as we finish those up, but the saturday patch will have all of Algimas’s supports in and working proper.
In total it’s 29(30) chapters so it should be a good bit of fun I’d like to think.