Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(ver1.0 final out)


Congrats on a (basically) complete release.

I’ll play some of it tonight and post feedback


Oh shit son. I’ll need to give this a run soon.

Congrats on crossing the finish line, not many make it accross it


Still need help with pallets? I can do those no problem


Sorry for the late reply but nope, we got all the palettes worked out if you are talking about generic enemy palettes.
Also, allegedly the patch stops at 18 for some reason,. However I have tested the patch on a clean rom and it certainly makes it to 19 instead of vanilla FE7 18x. So if anyone can confirm or deny this it would be great.
Also I’m thinking of inserting variable tactician portraits over unused slots so if anyone has a face they want in post it and I’ll consider throwing it in for the patch on Saturday.


Fun bug spotted: If you reach chapter 20 and Cynthia hasn’t been recruited, you get this:

EDIT: Actually I should point out I played past the chapter you recruit Cynthia in with an older version of the patch, so if this has been fixed already I apologize, but hey, I got a Berserker with a spear.

EDIT2: Found an infinite gold glitch. Since Chapter 20x gives you money before the prep screen, you can save at the prep screen, reset, and then collect the gold again, and then save, reset, collect the gold again, etc.


hello i have one question you can made is final boss animation one generic for use it?


Yes this is a known bug cause I galactic brained on her recruit IDs.
As for the final boss animation its not public yet but it probably will be more than likely.
Also this post is to let people know I’ve updated the first post and the correct final(1.0) patch is up in the initial post.
Please play and leave feedback thank you very much.


Oh, Tact. The game is currently being LPed on SA, in case you didn’t know.


Almost gave me a heart attack when i saw your avatar and the words “v1 final out”


I have a bug report from MythosDragon over at Something Awful. Apparently some weird dialogue pops up at the end of turn 6 in chapter 4x.