Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now



Hey. I decided to stop lurking so I could say that I’ve been watching this project for a while, and I’m very much looking forward to playing it when it’s finished.

I noticed that St. Elimine has blinking sprites, yet the other legends in that post do not. Out of curiosity, would implementing blinking into the FE6 engine be too much of a technical hassle to be worthwhile? What exactly would need to be done?


yes[quote=“EliteLordSigma, post:410, topic:1317”]
What exactly would need to be done?

rewrite the entire engine from scratch /// figure out how to cannabalize the one from FE7/FE8 in there

and then rewrite how the game handles the other VRAM tiles around that area, because FE6 does it differently because it lacks blink frames


Is it sad I never noticed the lack of blinking? I’m in the middle of an FE6 run and didn’t even realize it.


I hope everything go well :smiley:


I am so grateful that you did Elimine’s portrait beautifully. Thank you very much Onmi.


Agreed, hair looks pretty damn great.


~~ I’m this Elimine’s daddy ~~


this sounded creepier than it was supposed to be (btw, to do crossed out sentences use{S}thing{/S} and replace { by [ )


I wonder, will Athos have a younger portrait to represent his self at the time of the Scouring or will the FE7 one be used?


Hail Solum sama.


I’m not sure, but in the FE7 intro they show the 8 legends, and I think athos’s aloready “old”.


athos was born old


Confirmed, Morgan Athos Freeman.


Is the main post currently up to date?


First off, thanks Onmi (and others that have contributed.)

I was wondering—if it’s not too much trouble, could you make an updated early Roy promotion patch that includes the newer translation?
It would be greatly appreciated. I understand if you don’t have the time or rather don’t feel like it but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask!


Do you know about his old patch? I got that off of Serenes Forest and made some changes to that for my first dabbling in rom hacking. Making Roy promote at the end of 16/16x really makes all the difference in the game.

I might try and mimic Omni’s old patch on the new translation version this summer since I will be on break from school.

Omni, I want to thank you for all of the work you have done, as it has inspired and motivated me to take up rom hacking as a hobby.


[quote=“Chronocast, post:425, topic:1317, full:true”]
Do you know about his old patch?[/quote]

Yes I actually found it in an old FE Romhack Compilation .rar I downloaded years ago.
It’s actually a .gba and not a patch and there is two separate versions. One is just the early promotion and the other includes the previous and gives mounted units the ability to move after actions (like in PoR.)

Both however use the older translation as the hacks themselves are from late 2012.


It’s really silent here, huh?
Well, i just wanna ask you, i remember you said this mod is open source, so if i want to hack FE6, can i use this as a base?


You can.

I apologize for the distance, I have been writing for MoD, slowly. But I’ve been hit hard by life, the latest of which being my grandmother slowly dying in hospital, which I’ve spent the past two days at, watching her slowly lose her grip on life.

I hope it is understood that it’s rather hard to write while that is occurring.