Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


oohu, i’m so sorry, there’s really nothing you have to apologize for, i totally understand how you must feel.


I’ve been through the same a few months back so to me its completely understandable.


Yeah. Same happened to my grandmother last month. Then my bitch of an aunt made it so she couldn’t have her funeral until well over a week after her death.


Sorry to hear, Omni. Went through the same thing with both my grandparents on my mother’s side. We just visited their graves last month. First time I’ve gone in years. I’m not one to be wrapped up with a grave or a body, but it felt good to visit them. I hope your loved one’s pain is minimal and you find comfort in your shared memories of joyous times together.


Wtf is it with 2016/17 man? Both of my grandmothers and my grandfather died in the last year and a half. Last grandmother died last month.

Crazy, dude.


No clue, its just been a horrid couple of years. Family death in almost the exact same way for several of em, friends going homeless, meanwhile every time I try to get money together to get something specific something else breaks forcing me to fix it with the money i have. Water heater, Car, etc. Overall this and last year has been worse on everybody around me then what happened to me. Just hoping that 2018 is going to not be horrible to everybody I care about. Edit: Sorry about that, not sure if I should delete this or not because it was just me venting.


Don’t know if you know this, but apparently someone on FEH had your same idea;
Brave Lion Roy upon reaching level 40:
“When I was young, Marcus—a knight who has long served my family—told me many tales about my father. He spoke of the heroic things my father did in his younger days, the many allies he met on his travels… And he told me about how my parents first met. I would get so excited hearing those stories. I looked forward to them far more than any other tale. That’s why I admire my father so much. He’s my hero”.
Just to let you know


Yeah, i wish they could include it in character support


Hey, Onmi. I know you’ve had a lot on your plate recently. I just wanted to say that I’m still looking forward to seeing this finished one day, however long it may be until then. Take your time.


Ah! Right this thread exists! So, very very quick update for those wondering what the fuck happened to the actual progress this project was making?

The long story cut incredibly short is I got into a rather toxic and destructive relationship that took up all my time and then ended horribly and has lead to me getting stalked and harassed to this very day. Add in failing to find work for almost all of a year, turning to streaming to hope to make even a buck which might help me survive and make rent, and family drama and…

Look, the long and short of it is, that, on top of a lot of team members doing their final year at uni this year, put the project on unannounced hold. I apologize for all the delays. But we’re getting back into the swing of things now.

With Teq’s help, we got droppable items in FE6, and we’re slowly working on art things we’re not ready to fully show off yet but we’re working towards. I’m going to try writing more and we’re starting up the wizard’s tower again.

Thank you all for your patience please subscribe on twitch so I’m not a broke ass buster and take this picture of Gwendolyn’s promoted portrait

Oh right in case I didn’t announce we’re slowly rolling out promoted portraits for characters.


What’s your writing process like for each of the chapters?


We go chronologically. So we map out the opening scene, then each of the events during the chapter, then it’s conclusion. I have a discord for the games development with a chat where my editors are. I’ll typically write something, post it, ask for edits and opinions receive none because they’re lazy Keep pushing until they’re actually looked over properly and to a professional standard, then move onto the base conversations, do those and then the next chapter.


Holy fuck, FE6 doesn’t even have droppable items? I never played so I wouldn’t know, but DAMN. It’s like the New Jersey of the GBA games.


It is in fact, the only fire emblem game to NOT have droppable items. FE1 had droppable items.


The saddest thing is that I’ve never noticed it before now.


not quite; fe5 doesn’t have them either fwiw. granted that’s only one more game in a huge-ass series so


Oh you beautiful underappreciated man you *wipes away single tear


The thing is, you kinda don’t notice not having droppables in 6 as the level design is good enough to where it never stands out, where as lack of droppables can result in a dead game in FE5 if you lost your theives.


Capture is a thing in 5 though, which is probably why droppables got axed for it. Who knows why they didn’t put droppables in 6.


I always figured they didn’t put dropables in 6 because you legit do not need them in 6. It’s a dumb omission, but there’s no instances where not having them seriously hurt the game.