Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


Yeah!!! u are almost there


Ah, sad thing, I was curious about chapter 20x, I wanted to know its secrets.(its unlock conditions, its role in the plot, the kind of map, etc.)


Hey Omni, Roy gets the Sealed Sword as his own weapon animation and Guinivere gets Exaccus Lance mode. What does Lilina get? Armads?




Alright, thank you.
Sealed Sword Roy
Exaccus (Lance mode) Guinivere
Forblaze Lilina
Armads Hector (if alive) or Wade
Apocalypse Sophia or Reigh
Durandal Eliwood (If recruited) or Echidna
Aureola Elen or Cecilia
Murgleis Klein or Sue
Maltet Jerrot, Milady or Gale (If able to recruit at all)
Saint Staff Jodel, Clarine or Nino (If recruited)


Well, Lilina CAN use armads, if she reach an S rank in axes, but I don’t know if there’s a new animation for her when she use it.


There is no new animation, primarily because the man who made the original Lilina animations has been missing for over a year


Lilina is a perfect candidate for a bolt axe.


There are new skills in the OP below the country skills. What’s the deal with those?


They’re the boss skills, like the name say, they’re meant for the big bosses.(Zephiel, the three dragon generals, etc.)


Hey, Omni since Roy every lord is getting a massive amount of development, will the main villains alsobe getting a bit more development. Like for example, will you add more into the “accident” of the King of Bern into Murdock. The addition of Narcian and Brunya as Wyvern Generals or the Generals of Bern. I think this is due to the new games of Fire Emblem because the villains are too generic. Not like for example, Lyon or Gharnef and Arvis. Sorry for the paragraph. I would also like to see Zephiel slowly become the King he was born to be but at the same time become corrupted by his own anger as to see what the world of Lycia has become in his eyes.


I’m thinking the progression of Zephiel would be better suited for a separate game to FE6 (something between FE6 and 7). Though I supposed Omni could have added some flashbacks for Guinevere recalling his turn towards darkness. But at this point he may be too far into development to make additions like this if he had not already planned them.


If anything, Omni probably already added it. I mean look at all the shit ton of dialogue he is putting in. Though if I am wrong, you get bragging rights.


I don’t know what game you played, but Gharnef is the most generic of generic evil guys.


that would be validar, gharnef might be generic evil bad but atleast he has some actual meat to his evilness. Validar is the b villian and grimnas sub.


At least Gharnef tries to be cool and not be a villain that pretty much loses all his reputation half way through a game. Not like the past two games.
Validar - Generic evil, evil moustache, evil chin, like we get it your evil.
Garon - Generic evil, evil beard, evil looking axe, pretty much makes you hate him since the beginning when, believe it or not he is suppose to be Corrin’s adopted father.
If any of these two had a little bit more development like Zephiel and Lyon it would have been a better game. For example, Garon could be a father figure to all the Nohrian children but, as time progresses he becomes more and more corrupted by Anankos. Which would make people feel for the guy. Like Lyon, I felt bad for killing the guy, same as Zephiel they both are well developed and tragic characters. Sorry for the rant.


I’m so excited for this! I come by everyday to check on it even though I know it won’t be done yet! :smiley:


Introducing the Eight Legends who needed portraits

St. Elimine





H-Hanon is p-pretty…

P.S. That’s only 4 legends…


I mean, 4 of them actually already had portraits so…