Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


so I figured people might like to see the new Nightmare module for the paired endings table

the Support 1 etc. matches up with the Support Editor, so if Roy’s first support is Lilina, that will be the paired ending listed, then all you need to do is write in the text entry for their paired ending. This works RD Style, as I said, so the units are still displayed separately, but their ending text changes depending on if they supported or not.

This editor will be included with the final release of the game, as well as the separate ASM for inserting this hack into your own Romhack of FE6. If you so choose to work with the base game. We are almost at the Demo’s release, and everything is becoming much more hectic. But I am determined to have this demo out by New Years Eve.

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I’m seriously going to give Marcus and Lilina a paired ending, don’t judge


Out of curiosity, does this mean Roy/Guiverne is finally possible?


Yes it is

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Is Lilina getting a completely new class? Or is she getting something that already exists? Like Mage Knight ir something.


She’s a Lord and she’s getting her own Lord promotion variant. Same as Guinevere. Elphin is getting a new promotion as a bard, but he isn’t a Lord. any other questions I’m free to answer them (as I go through chapter 3 to make it actually run with the new map)


Is her lord class going to be any different from a normal mage? Or is it so she can have a unique promotion? Like Mist or something.


Unique promotion.

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She’ll use Axes and Anima, correct?
And Roy still uses Swords and Dark?


that is correct


Roy uses swords and dark now. Huh, I would’ve assumed swords and anima, or swords and light if he’s going to be a hybrid unit.

I guess I can stop hoping for a sword, lance, and bow wielding Roy now. In other words, all the weapon types his potential parents have access too/


Well no, Anima would be doubling up on Lilina territory, and Light is Guinevere’s speed. Dark is the only magic type not presented in the lord trio, so Roy takes it.


But Roy needs T3h Ph1r3


I think that is a really good idea nonetheless, as a Swords and Dark Roy is really cool and separates him from other mage/hybrid lords in the series.

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I thought there was supposed to be a release for new years?


Maybe he got busy. You know what doesn’t help? Posts like this.


Actually it did remind me to post this as I never got around to it.

Essentially half way through December my room was cleared out for renovation, and I’ve not had a computer to work from until the 30th of December. Right now I’m hard at work on the hack, we’ve got a new Pixel artist by the name of Black Mage who’s been helping get our incidentals and I finally bit the bullet and requested the aid of another animator I know.

If you’d like an update on progress

  1. Renewal, Pick, Vantage and the Crit skills are all in the game
  2. The map sprite’s with the exception of Guinevere Promoted, Lilina Promoted and Elphin promoted have all been done or are being worked on currently.
  3. Escape is fixed up, since we had to clear up the bug that caused Roy to disappear if you did a trade then cancelled with the B button or disabled the Seize command.
  4. The Save Patch is now properly implemented as far as testing can tell, meaning we can have up to 63 PC’s without any of them disappearing.
  5. Event Wise I’m putting the last touches on Chapter 3 (Because it kicks off the Hector Quest Line and has escape, so it features changing objectives) Leaving 12 chapters to go.
  6. The Weapon icons are mostly done, though not inserted yet
  7. The portraits are all done except for a few bosses I’m not that obsessed with getting out before it’s out.

Oh, and I’m moving out in January most likely, so I’ll try to have the demo out before I move out. No promises as the renovation got sprung on me once and I have no idea if it will happen again, but I apologize for not posting here that this was happening.


no need to apologize. You don’t owe us any updates to give. You seem to be progressing quite fast anyways, you’re doing great!


Does vantage always activate? Or is it always at half health?


The former.